GPS Has Made Society Dumber

gps-brain-fryThe evolution of man(woman)-kind has regressed as technology continues progress. Specific individuals determination to progress society’s convenience¬† factor will ultimately dwarf future generations ability to process and complete simple tasks. My generation is a perfect case and point: Calculators have made my generation basic math degenerates. While incredibly convenient, they have made younger generations lazy. GPS systems, society’s latest and greatest convenient enhancement, stands to make future generations directionally and street sense challenged. Continue reading

New Year’s Goals

new-years-goalsI’m nearly 2 weeks late, but for the sake of putting thoughts and ideas to paper I find it necessary to write and disclose my New Year’s Resolutions Goals. After discussions with many people I decided goals was the preferred word compared to resolutions. Resolutions is centered towards correcting your mistakes, while goals is centered on your accomplishments. A different state of mind can often lead to a different outcome. I accomplished quite a bit during this past year, a key year, in my very short lifespan. I graduated from Portland State University with a double major in Marketing & Advertising, I secured a job coming straight out of college, I ran my first ever marathon, I put on 10 lbs. of ‘upper body mass’ on, and I successfully completed my first year refereeing college basketball. All goals I set and all goals accomplished. Every year’s a pivotal year, but I have some lofty goals in several different areas set for 2010.

Health & Wellness

Last year my goals were set on running a marathon while ‘getting huge’. They were pretty counteractive, but in the end both were accomplished. I’m STILL feeling the ill effects, nearly three months later, from running the marathon. As a result, I’ve decided 2010 is NOT the year to try and beat my time. I do plan to run a marathon again, someday, but I need a more consistent program without having injury cycles every 2 weeks. My running goals for this year are to participate, at 100% health, in Hood to Coast, for my 4th consecutive year, and run at least one half-marathon. If I can end the running season at full strength, heading into basketball season, I will call 2010 a success in the running department. On the lifting side, I want to continue to progress towards my goal of not physically looking like an ‘8 year old girl’ while gaining more functional strength. I think the proof is in the pudding and simply making the decision to lift three days a week every week, for the past two years (I’ve only missed about 7 days total in that span), has been the true testament to my results and success.


I’ve had a bit of a relapse since I graduated and found myself not having my normal curious nature since birth. This needs to change or I will become bored and a trouble maker just like when my mother started me in school a year early. I want to learn and expand my computer skills in the areas of web design, graphic design, and coding. I’ve always been a computer nerd, but currently have some extra time to actually dedicate to this mission. I specifically want to re-design this website and create at least one additional personal web project. This website has unfortunately become stale over the past six months because of the subject constraints. I enjoy working and learning about social media, but it’s not something that I can write about every single day. I became an exponentially better writer over the past year simply by going through the exercise of writing a blog post on a daily basis. I need to make it easier to write on a daily basis. By re-designing the website, and blog, it will open up my abilities to write on any subject I desire. My website re-design will also give me th opportunity to brand myself professionally. Look for the re-design to be released sometime in May if not sooner.

In addition, to the computer based knowledge I want to get back into the regular routine of reading. Not just blogs, but actual books. I believe when I was 12 years old and reading on a regular basis I was much smarter than I am today. The computer and the calculator have been the rebirth and death of me all at the same time. I was a math genius until someone said I needed to buy a TI-83 calculator and I use to love reading books until the Internet was born. My mission is to read at least two non-technical books per month.

Personal Skills

Like my knowledge, I feel my lack of curiosity has stunted my growth as a person over the past few years. I’ve become a shut in of sorts and have the social skills of a Hobbit. I’m over exaggerating a bit, but I do feel the need to get out of my comfort zone and leave the nest more than I ever have before. I’m still committed to my goal of buying a house, but I doubt that will be accomplished by my 23rd birthday. Instead, I want to get to know Portland better. I finally have a car and need to take advantage of this transportation source to get out. My mission is to make a more concerted effort to get out and see the Portland nightlife. I’ve met so many great new people during the past few weeks that it would be a personal injustice to not continue the trend into the warmer months.

In addition, to seeing Portland’s nightlife is my desire to increase my cooking skills. I can make the staples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but I’m not going to wow a date with my cuisine’s flavor. My grandfather has always been curious in the kitchen and I feel it’s time the torch was passed to me. So get ready mom, a few more kitchen disastrous are on their way!


My efforts to return to my habits of high school, being as well rounded as possible, will help ignite my curiosity and peak my intelligence. In the words of Blink 182, “Nobody likes you when your 23” so why not do what I want to, when I want to, and how I want to while I still can.

Could Experience & Social Media Replace an MBA?

social-media-mbaWith the economy being in shambles more and more recent graduates are turning towards more education to help them on the job-front. University officials were correct in predicting that business professionals, and recent college graduates, would turn to an MBA program to solidify job security.¬† Dr. Randall S. Hansen has a great article on, “Is an MBA is worth it?” that makes me wonder if all that time an effort is really worth it? It depends on the industry you’re in, what you want to do, and how the market will respond to that extra piece of paper you’ve obtained. In the case of a marketing professional, I’m ready to debate that on the job training and the utilization of social media could replace an MBA.

First lets analyze an MBA and the advantages it could bring you. About 80 percent of business executives say a graduate degree is important to reach senior management within a company. An MBA could also give you negotiation leverage on job title and salary. Overall you’ll sharpen your communication skills, analytical skills, quantitative skills, and have a further understanding of how business should be run.

Of course for all of that knowledge you’ll be spending at least $40,000 a year and close to $100,000 for a two-year MBA program. Other factors on your MBA ROI will be if you’re staying at the same company, the amount of relevant experience you have, the industry you’re going into, the type of job you’re seeking, and the reputation of the school you attended.


Now I’m poking fun at graduate students with this photo, but in all seriousness I think there’s some validity to being able to utilize social media to garner the same skills an MBA would get you.

With an MBA you’ll be reading over case studys and examples of businesses that failed and businesses that were successful. Your job is to determine what actions caused them to reach their final destination and what could have been done differently to garner a more favorable outcome. Lets bring in Twitter to counter this example. Thousands of intelligent businessmen and women are tweeting while thousands more are tweeting about what these individuals are doing. By doing some legwork you could structure your own curriculum while using tweets and Twitter posted articles as your sources. It also gives you the opportunity to talk and ask questions directly to the source instead of it being in a piece of literature with a professor guiding you. Next we have the infamous lectures that you may relish or sleep through depending on your viewpoint. Lets have YouTube enter for this example. Now I haven’t found specific class lectures posted,which is a great idea, but I have found several lectures like Bill Gates address to Harvard University. If video is truly on the rise I would expect having the capabilities to find a lecture on any subject matter that you desire to fulfill the void from not being an MBA student. Last, but certainly not least, are these things called books. For example there’s the book What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School: Notes From A Street-Smart Executive. Now of course I’d be naive to think that by simply reading this book, watching a few videos, and tweeting could suffice what an MBA does. However, if you actually built out a curriculum, crafted your subject matter, and ensured you were retaining your knowledge I think you’d have a pretty good argument.

I’m by no means putting down anyone who’s currently, or has been through, an MBA program. I believe for every rectangle there’s a trapezoid that could accomplish the same thing. A different perspective and methodology could help you get the same skill set and information that you would through an MBA. The steps I laid out would have to be in conjunction with work experience. I think that an MBA can get you in the door, but your ability to solve problems directly affecting the business can only be accomplished through physical working experience. By supplementing an MBA with the use of concentrated social media use, we will see a new bread of executives that wont be intimidated by the growth of technology.

A Change of Attitude Does The Body Good

It typically takes significant turmoil or angst to produce results. If you look at the world of business, politics, or sports at what point is true progress made? At what point do we look within ourselves and say, “this is unacceptable”? It seems that only after hitting rock bottom, or experiencing severe turmoil, that we actually make headway on our problems. When Flordia lost to Ole Miss last year, it produced Tim Tebow’s famous pledge and resulted in an eventual college football championship:

What about 8 years ago today on September 11th, 2001? I can’t recall a time in my life that our country was more united. If Tim Tebow is NOW going to work harder than anyone has ever seen before, why wasn’t he doing that before the Ole Miss game? If our country NOW pledges to be united and come together, why weren’t we doing this before 9/11? Why does it takes these types of events to produce the results we’ve witnessed? I don’t have an answer to that question, but I can answer questions about myself.

I personally believe that everyone regardless of age, race, gender, demographics, religion, occupation, or income should abide and follow the following four quotes:

Perception is Everything

Control the things that you can control

If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all

Treat other’s how you want to be treated

I can’t think of a moment or situation in my life that you wouldn’t use these quotes. Your own personal happiness and success can be directly attributed to how you use these quotes. Lets break each one down:

Perception is Everything

Your perception is everything because you are what you’re perceived to be. I’m perceived to be a smart, funny, athletic, hard working, stubborn, negative, complaining, unsatisfied, pain in the ass, who is a recent college grad that is immature, and doesn’t know a fucking thing about the business world. As painful as it is for me to write this, because this is others perception of me, I am all of those things. Ideally you would want to be perceived as a likable, hardworking, indispensable person, but not everyone can. If the perception of you is that you’re a bullshitter, then you are a bullshitter. If people perceive that you’re a kiss ass, then you are a kiss ass. If people perceive that you don’t do anything at work all day, then you probably aren’t doing anything at work.

If people perceive you as an uplifting team player, then you are an uplifting team player. If people perceive you as an indispensable asset to your company, then you are an indispensable asset to your company. What can you do you enhance your perception? Lets take a look at quote number two for some added advice.

Control the things that you can control

You cannot control the fact that your coworker always complains about how busy they are, but they work eight to five, take a two hour lunch, and on average play five games of company foosball a day. You cannot control whether or not your coworkers complete their part of your project for you. You can’t control how people perceive you. What you can control is your attitude, your work ethic, your patience, and your overall quality of life. I can’t control how I’m perceived by others, but I can control what I say, my morale, my work ethic, and my education. What you can control correlates with the third quote.

If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all

This is something that I can personally control and can also affect my perception. I’ve said a lot of bad things about a lot of people. I’ve complained, groaned, bitched, and argued. Unfortunately, what I say can affect and influence people’s perception of me and others regardless of my intentions. I may be being sarcastic or trying to make a joke, but calling someone a fat, lazy, asshole doesn’t help anyone. While this makes me feel better about myself, it’s negatively affecting the perception of me and the morale of others. This leads us to the fourth and final quote.

Treat others how you want to be treated

Treating others how you want to be treated means only saying things that are positive or constructively positive, controlling what you can control, and by treating others how you want to be treated you’re affecting your perception positively. If you hate that your boss is lazy and always drops work on you because he simply doesn’t want to do it, don’t dump your work on someone else or return the favor when you are finally in a position of authority. Shit doesn’t have to roll down hill if you control what you can control. If you’re tired of people telling you that’s wrong with you, don’t talk about what’s wrong with everyone else. Finally, if you want others to perceive you as a likable, hardworking, indispensable person then control what you can control, only discuss things with a positive frame of mind, and treat others how you want to be treated.

The Portland Marathon Needs More Social Media Outlets

Since the 6th grade I’ve been an avid and active runner, but I’ve never run a marathon before. I ran cross country, the 1500m, and 3000m in high school and finally participated in the Hood to Coast when I reached college. The Nike / Kaiser Permanente 5 miler, The 8K Shamrock run, and the Run Like Hell 1/2 Marathon have all been checked off my list, but I never thought of trying to tackle the 26.2 miles that is the Portland Marathon.

I was severely dehydrated and nauseous to the point I didn’t know if I was going to be able to complete the race. Last year at the Hood to Coast I gave my team a severe scare when nearly 5 hours after my leg I still had not recovered and actually started to get the chills. In the end, I sucked it up, ate some food, drank some water, and completed the event. I was extremely disappointed and frustrated with my performance at the Hood to Coast. I made a vow to myself that on January 1st of 2009 I’d start my training for the next Hood to Coast which will not take place until mid-August.

I’m currently in week 19 of 32 for my Hood to Coast training. My weekly mileage is 39 miles and my long run for the week is 12 miles. I started looking at my projected training log and saw that by August my weekly mileage would be 50 miles and my long run would be 17 miles. Listening to my body, I could also feel that my long runs, of late, were not difficult, and in fact, depending on the pace, were quite easy no matter the mileage.

This is when I started to think I could complete, my dream goal, of running the Portland Marathon. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anywhere to turn for advice or guidance on my decision. I went to the Portland Marathon website hoping they’d have a Facebook account or forum to listen to stories and ask questions for those thinking about doing their first marathon, but they had nothing.

I understand the Portland Marathon is in the business of promoting their event and training programs, but wouldn’t it cut down their costs if they knew everyone could complete the run? While I wasn’t 100% convinced I should enter the Portland Marathon, their promotions of an increase in price by May 15th was enough to motivate me towards entering the race.

By creating a forum or utilizing social media the Portland Marathon could actively communicate with potential entrants and assist them with their decision to run the race or not. More seasoned marathoners could communicate with each other, exchange training programs, and give inspiring stories to the newbies who hope to just get across the finish line. My lofty goal, besides completing the Portland Marathon, is to qualify for the Boston Marathon with a 3:10 or below marathon.

Trader Joe’s Needs More Social Media Interaction

One of my favorite grocery stores to shop at is Trader Joes, but I wish they engaged in more social media interaction. I love their fresh produce, amazing variety and selection of alternative foods, and friendly customer service. Though Trader Joes is currently the 21st largest grocery chain, with 294 stores and $4.3 billion in sales, they’re rated the 4th healthiest grocery store in America. Trader Joe’s needs to take their rising business, and strong following, and nurture it with the support of social media interaction. By listening, connecting, and responding to their loyal customer base they have the opportunity to be one of America’s best.

Trader Joe’s has a lot of buzz among some big time bloggers. Freakonomics blogger Stephen J. Dubner, marketing sensation Seth Godin, and Slate blogger Andy Bowers. They also have a Trader Joe’s Fan site, sites dedicated to featuring Trader Joe’s products (like their Gingerbread House kits and Quesadillas), sites that cook recipes only with Trader Joe’s products (this one makes a tasty Vegetarian Mushroom Moussaka), a Trader Joe’s Flickr Account, and the world famous un-official Trader Joe’s Commercial.

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s didn’t create anything that I listed above. Instead Trader Joe’s has chosen to interact and respond with these bloggers and customers, through a pitiful Trader Joe’s Twitter account.


This entirely unbranded and automated-esque Twitter account needs a Twitter strategy and focus. Instead of interacting with customers the Twitter account appears to show any and every tweet that mentions Trader Joes. I would take a page out of Erin Groner’s book and try and replicate what: @WholeFoods, @ScottMonty (Ford), @LindsayLebresco (Graco), @MarriottIntl, @Wachovia, @DIRECTV, @CarnivalCruise, @Chargers, or @BestBuyRemix has done.

Moving beyond the Twitter scope, Trader Joes needs to apply David Armano’s suggestions across any social media platform they engage in: Listen, Learn, Adapt, and Respond. I’m not going to state Trader Joes needs a Facebook, Myspace, or any other specific social media platform. Maybe Trader Joe’s should create their own customized social media community using Ning or Kickapps?

Traditionally, Trader Joes has sat back and let their products do the talking. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Trader Joes advertisement! Word of mouth is the most commonly used form of advertisement and Trader Joes has been utilizing it perfectly. Given the volume of support and free press, Trader Joes needs to start engaging with social media. Trader Joes will then need to move beyond social media engagement, and actually provide value to the conversation, to make their social media use successful. Social media interaction be as cost sensitive as word of mouth advertisement, yet have a greater impact because of its viral nature. Hopefully Trader Joes will catch this disease soon.

Not So Sirius After All

Concerned stock holders don’t need to look search very long before understanding why Sirius Radio, now Sirius XM Radio, is struggling as a company and experiencing a $2 decrease in stock price. Sirius Radio’s social media footprint is as prominent as their customer service. Their customer service is abysmal at best and the only breathing human that would talk to me was someone that spoke English as a second language. Sirius radio has a lot of work to do.


Sirius Radio ‘No-Shows’ On Customer Service

My father, a lifetime subscriber of Sirius, recently had to replace his Sirius Radio because the transmitter inside the radio was dying. When he first bought the plan he was informed that he could upgrade his radio for free three times. After purchasing his new radio and having it professionally installed he was told by Sirius he would have to pay $75 for activation. We contacted Sirius via their customer service and through broken English were told their was nothing they could do when in the contract it says they have the right to change any and everything. We also e-mailed them three separate occasions without a response.

Unfortunately, this is another case of customer-no-service on all levels. The sales associate that first sold my father his radio was either misinformed or not informed of all of the fine print details outlined in the Sirius Terms & Conditions. Otherwise the ‘lifetime subscriber’ offer really doesn’t sound like that great of a deal. According to the terms and conditions, each new radio requires the $75 activation fee and after the third new radio the contract is null and void. Add in the fact Sirius doesn’t respond to customer’s e-mails via their contact-us page and you have a real problem.

One of my coworkers, Amanda Bernard, informed me that her Husband was also a Sirius subscriber, but canceled his subscription. Several months later he received a bill in the mail claiming he owned money for the month. He was told that someone has re-activated his account, but would not show proof merely that he owned the money. I couldn’t imagine a company with such a great product executing so poorly.

Sirius Radio Social Media is Inexistent

If you do a Google search for Sirius you’re bound to find plenty of articles, affiliate sites, or product sites selling radios. What you wont find from Sirius is any form of social media outreach. Two other companies that have been bashed over the head about customer service or product problems are Dell and Comcast. What did they do to turn things around? Engage in social media and provide customers the ability to be heard. Lee Odden put together a list of 25 Social Media Tips that would help any struggling company like Sirius. At this point, something is better then nothing. If you’re not willing to respond to e-mails and your outsourcing your customer service to India the least you could do is set up a Twitter feed and respond to complaints in real time like Frank Eliason from Comcast.

Sirius Radio is yet another company that is stuck in the stone age trying to churn out product and subscriptions without regards to customer satisfaction. Like any aspiring business you’re bound to run into roadblocks and experience growing pains. Don’t let responding to your customer base be one of them.

PF Changs Needs To Get More Social

I recently visited PF Changs for my craving of great Chinese happy hour food and was surprised to see how few actually knew about their great deals. I didn’t have to search very long before I figured out why no one knows about PF Changs happy hour. They don’t talk about it, promote it, or even have it listed on the website! When I tried to find someone within their organization to contact I was forced to fill out a contact-us form or write them via snail mail. PF Changs is currently failing at listening or interacting with their customers via the Internet or social media.

Richard Federico received a 45 pay increase percent increase, but he still has a long way to go before creating an unbeatable Asian restaurant chain. Restaurants, in general, appear reluctant to devote resources into their web presence or social media use. After all, it doesn’t matter how functional your site is if your food stinks you wont get any customers. PF Changs however is a successful, dynamic, and atmospheric Asian restaurant with a great menu. It’s time they create they next Chinese dynasty, in the kitchen, with the help of social media.

PF Changs cannot use the excuse their is not enough conversation volume to warrant social media engagement. On average, 450,000 people in the United States search for PF Changs per month! 8,415 blogs posts have been written about PF Changs since the beginning of the year. The number of Twitter users talking about PF Changs is too many to count. The volume is there it’s just a matter of creating, listening, and interacting.

The first thing I would do is set up a blog, official Twitter account, and Facebook page. Give it that authentic PF Changs brand look to let fellow addicts know you are listening to them. Set up Google alerts and Twitter search feeds to know exactly when people are talking about PF Changs. Then find someone to monitor your conversations, get some interns, and start responding to the masses.

PF Changs brand appeal is large enough they would not require self promotion simply to make consumers aware of their product. Many brands fall into the trap of engaging in social media and then simply utilizing social media tools for self promotion. If PF Changs does engage in self promotion it should be along the lines of promoting new deals, new menu items, or their involvement with the community. No one wants to hear you pat yourself on the back, you have enough loyal customers to do that for you.

PF Changs is a great Asian cuisine restaurant that is on the cusp of being in demand nationwide. The use of social media would enable PF Changs to utilize the Internet’s form of word of mouth advertisement. A blog, Twitter, and Facebook account accompanied by some monitoring and responding is all PF Changs would need. Then PF Changs might not have enough seats for their phenomenal happy hour instead simply having me.

Redbox is the 2009 Zappos

In 1996 the movie rental industry was dead and monopolistic. The Blockbusters and Hollywood Videos of the world ruled the land and consumers were left with either watching movies in the theater or renting them from one of these establishments. In 1997 Netflix broke the barrier and gave consumers a choice. Movie lovers no longer had to worry about late fees or driving to the store or if the movie would be in stock. Netflix changed the movie rental industry and now Redbox, created just six years later, has changed the industry again.


The movie rental industry of 2009 can be broken down into several different segments. In-store rental, online rental, self service rental, or on-demand. In-store rental is comprised of Blockbuster, Hollywood, and other similar businesses. Their appeal stems from customers who don’t want to go to the movie theater, but have a desire to watch a movie at that moment. The convenience of renting from one of these establishments is a premeditated thought process is not necessary. If you want a movie then you drive to the store and if it’s in stock you pick it up and take it home. To adapt to customer’s complaints and suggestions Blockbuster instilled a no-late fee return policy. They adapted again in 2006 creating Blockbuster Total Access an online program that would compete with Netflix. Unfortunately for Blockbuster, and other in-store rental establishments, consumers are not happy with their product. Forums such as I Hate Blockbuster and articles like CNet’s Blockbuster streaming: Too late show it doesn’t matter what your business model is if your customer service sucks. You also run into the factor that many of the top movies are not in stock which completely defeats the purpose of going to the movie store. What’s the point if you can just use one of the alternatives?


Online rental, such as Netflix, was created and instantly gave chills down the industries spine. Not only were late fees a non-factor, but customers didn’t have to leave their house to rent a movie anymore. All you needed was a computer and you could queue up all of your favorite movies to be delivered directly to your door. For busy business people the monthly fee made more sense then potentially forgetting to return a movie and being charge a late fee. Movie addicts had the ability to watch as many movies as they wanted in a month’s time. While Netflix had the reliability of ‘always in stock’ movies they forced customers to have a premeditated, “I want to see this movie at this time,” instead of instantly. You wouldn’t be able to watch Boondock Saints at anytime you wanted to. This downside, once again, left the door open for potential competitors.


On-demand movie rental took advantage of the industry’s weaknesses and exploited them to the fullest degree. Virtually any movie at anytime could be played on your TV with just the click of a button. No computers, no driving, no phone calls, no nothing. All you needed to do was select the movie and accept the charges that would be placed on your credit card bill. Frankly this seemed like a pretty fool-proof business model that couldn’t possibly be beaten. That is until Redbox gained momentum.


Redbox is the new kid on the block, but they haven’t wasted anytime creating buzz. Their product isn’t any different than a Blockbuster or Hollywood, but their pricing system of $1 is much, much different. The machine locations can typically be found in McDonald’s, but also at grocery stores, gas stations, Wallgreens, Walmart, and more. Essentially Redbox enables customers to grab a movie 24/7. Their title selection, while limited in comparison to Netlflix, is current and trendy. For only a $1 you can see Academy Award winning movies and the selection rotates frequently.

What makes Redbox stand out among its competitors is their engagement of social media and Internet marketing. Redbox movies cost $1, but if you sign up for their e-mail or SMS updates you can get a code for a free movie once a week! Another no so publicized site is Inside Redbox . This site is not affiliated with Redbox, but they release free rental codes as often as twice a week. In additional the Insider Redbox keeps users up to date on the latest releases and other great Redbox information.

So how can Redbox possibly make money if they’re giving away free DVD’s twice a week? First, customers have to bring their free DVD back by 9pm the next day or they are charged $1, the normal price, for the rental. Any company that offers a free trial membership or date pending action can make a substantial amount of money on customers who forget to complete all the necessary actions. This is why credit card companies make money. If everyone paid their bill on time or paid the balance they’d go out of business. The other factor is Redbox has an extremely loyal following. If you decide on Thursday that you really want to see a movie, that you know Redbox has, why wouldn’t you go use their services? Customers believe that since Redbox already gave them a free movie on Monday if they pay for one on Thursday they’ve come out even.

Still not convinced it’s a viable business? In February 2009, Coinstar purchased the remaining shares of Redbox from McDonald’s for $175 million, making Coinstar the sole owner.

The movie rental industry continues to remain vulnerable and volatile, but Redbox has added stability. By listening to consumers demands they’ve positioned their brand and business as an industry leader in a few short years. Redbox has the use of social media and Internet marketing to thank for their assent to the top. Redbox, like Zappos, chose to listen and react instead of force their services on consumers. Maybe if Blockbuster listened they wouldn’t find themselves on the outside looking in.

The Social Media Engager Gets Structured

As publicized through a social media blog post, my Twitter account, and Facebook profile I’ve decided to give the social media engager a little more structure and organization. My penultimate goal is to write posts as organically as possible, but this has led to some very late evenings and often rude awakenings. Unfortunately I don’t posses the ability, currently, to write seven random structured posts over the weekend. With my new structure and format I believe I may someday discover that ability.

Through the help of my readers and friends I’ve created a structure that I believe will be a win-win.

“Help my Brand Monday’s” – Had and unpleasant experience or struggling to get by? Through the suggestions of others and experiences of my own I’ll be breaking down company brand’s and how they could be using social media to better the customer experience.

“Teach me Technology Tuesday’s” – The idea was a mashup from my first posts about being a social media know it all and also my online search marketing tips. Any and everything goes so long as it’s tech and its purpose is to educate.

“Music Wednesday’s” – Everyone seems to have a band or group, but few are utilizing the web properly. Like my Help my Brand Monday’s I’ll be discussing some of my favorite music groups and where they rank among the social media elite.

“Trendy Thursday’s” – This suggestion came from one of my college business school friend’s and the Nordstrom’s selling queen Morgan Mosset. I’ve shown during my day job, at EngineWorks, that fashion and style CAN be one of my fortes. My coworkers often call me either the best dressed or the unibomber depending on my mood and clothing of the day. This versatility is what’s led me to believe I might actually have a shot of writing a fashion driven post.

“Foodie Friday’s” – My family has given me the nickname Mongo which as illustrated via the video above can be very dangerous. My coworkers can also attest to the fact I never stop eating. Quantity isn’t always my priority and I’ve given myself the title of bento connoisseur. I’ve been around my parents long enough to have tasted an array of food and beverages. I’ll be sharing my mature pallet on Friday’s.

“Sport Saturday’s” – My sports addiction will have the opportunity to be released once a week. I could probably open an entirely new blog and site revolving around sports, but I’ll keep these posts as Internet relevant as possible!

“Flex Sunday’s” – Everyone needs a day off. Depending on the mood, weather, and a multitude of other things I will opt to write about whatever I please or just choose to take the day off.

Thank you to everyone’s contributions and hopefully this will lead to a much more fulfilling process!