February Slow Down

sports boredomFootball season has come and gone, March madness is a month away, the NBA just hit the all-star break, tennis is major-less, and golf is Tiger-less. The sports world has officially hit its first lull of the year. The only thing that can save us from boredom in the sports world right now is the Winter Olympics.

A lack of compelling story lines, diminishing interest in a majority of the events, and a barrage of popular weekday television programming makes the ratings game a tough competition for NBC. Personally, the only event that I have any interest in is Snowboarding and I already watched the best compete in the Winter X-Games two weeks ago. I think sport fans have become spoiled with the products produced by the NFL, NBA, MLB, golf with Tiger Woods, and tennis that the Olympic Games aren’t as appealing as they once were. For some reason the marketing mantra of, “Come watch the world’s best compete,” doesn’t ring clear when I can watch LeBron dunk, Tiger putt, Federer win majors, and Pujols hit home runs every day of the week.

The Olympic Games need help and they need them fast or Sportscenters highlights of the games will soon get better ratings than the live competition. Banking on viewers tuning in to root on their fellow country men and women isn’t enough anymore. The Olympic Games come around every two years, alternating between the Winter and Summer, but need some serious re-branding if they hope to keep younger generation’s interests in becoming Olympic athletes and supporters.

Compelling story lines, marketable athletes (Lindsey Vonn is a good start), and a new angle is needed for the Olympics to drag me away from watching ‘Big Monday’, ‘Super Tuesday’, ‘Wednesday Night Hoops’, ‘Thursday Night Showcase’, ‘Saturday Primetime’, and any other NBA game on TV right now. The sports world doesn’t have much to offer right now even with the Winter Olympics.

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