What The Internet Can’t Replicate From TV

internet-advertisment-on-tvInternet advertising is quickly becoming the method of choice to market your business and products. The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported in March that Internet advertising grew by 10% over the past year, making it the third largest ad media category behind TV and newspapers. The tough economy caused a slight drop in ad revenues, but Internet ad revenue was still $10.9 Billion for the first half of 2009. Internet advertising is without a doubt the most measurable form of advertisement to date. However, I still don’t believe it can elicit the same emotional ties to a product or company that TV advertisement can. Why isn’t Internet advertising and TV advertising being combined more often to garner the best results possible?

To start, lets do an exercise by listening to a song and describing the emotions it evokes. We will use the theme of Peter from Peter and the Wolf.


What emotions does this music evoke for you? How about when we combine the music with a product? Yes, Coca-Cola took the same music from one of my favorite childhood movies and used it in one of their Superbowl TV commercials this past year.

Banner ads, image ads, and SEO cannot replicate what Coca-Cola did on TV. They may help a searcher find Coca-Cola’s website easier, but they don’t have the ability to cause the same degree of emotional reaction that TV dose.

I think logical smart people can all agree on these points. My question to these same people is then why isn’t Google TV ads, Rich Media, or Digital Video online advertisement going through the roof?

FH 2009
FH 2008
47% ($5,148)
44% ($5,064)
Display Related:
34% ($3,759)
    -Banner Ads
    -Rich Media
7% ($704)
    -Digital Video
2% ($184)
2% ($230)
10% ($1,116)
14% ($1,611)
Referrals/Lead Generation
7% ($728)
7% ($806)
1% ($149)
2% ($230)

Source: www.iab.net

How can it be that online classified advertisement has seen the greatest source of growth over the past year out of all the different formats of online advertisement? I’m not an expert on media buying, but I do understand that the more interactive the advertisement the more costly it is. A black and white print ad is cheaper than a color print ad, and a text link is cheaper than an image link. That being said, why aren’t more people taking Google up on its offer to have video media displayed on various networks?

Cost will always be a deciding factor for how to market or advertise your products. That’s why large companies like Anheuser-Busch will dominate the TV waves while your local boutique shops can only afford an optimized website. ROI has always been challenging to prove for Radio, TV, and Print, but with the tools Google offers you don’t have that excuse anymore.

So what are the reasons Google TV or video advertisement haven’t blow up yet? When will we see emotionally ladened advertisement combine it’s powers and flex its power on the TV waves through Internet advertisement? If the Interactive Advertising Bureau numbers are any indication, it may be further out than many people think.

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