Referees Support The Cause With Uniforms

refereeReferees are criticized on a game to game basis, but one thing is clear, you cannot criticize the support they have shown of late. For every uniform that’s updated with poor taste (i.e. NFL Referees uniforms) an alteration is made in support of a cause (i.e. Pac-10 Referees prostate cancer support sleeve). There are several websites on the net that look at uniforms like the uniform obsessive Paul Lukas, but I haven’t found anyone examining exclusively what the referees are wearing. Below is a look at some of the referee uniform alterations should have been kept off the field along with the alterations that should be applauded.

NFL Referee Uniforms


I realize that we’re paying tribute to the old AFL Referees, but some things were better left in the past. As if the NFL Referees don’t have a hard enough time convincing coaches, players. and fans their credible. The new orange on white NFL Referee uniforms make me cringe every time I see them.

Enough with the bad. Lets take a look at some of the causes referees are supporting with their uniforms.

Pac-10 Referees Support Prostate Cancer Awareness


Yes that blue shooter sleeve that the Pac-10 Referees wore this weekend was to show their support for prostate cancer awareness. This was done exclusively by the Pac-10 this weekend and was worn by the crews on all five of the Pac-10 conference games this Saturday.

Women’s Basketball Referees Support Breast Cancer Awareness


Those pink whistles being worn by Women’s Basketball Referees is to show their support for breast cancer awareness.

MLB Umpires Support Breast Cancer Awareness Too


Just like the Women’s Basketball Referees wearing their pink whistles, MLB Umpires have worn the pink wristbands for breast cancer awareness and also for Mother’s Day.

MLB Umpires Support Fathers on Fathers Day


Initially I thought the blue wristbands were worn to show support for prostate cancer also, or maybe Viagra was a sponsor for a day. Instead the blue wristbands were worn by MLB Umpires in support of Father’s Day.

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