3 Languages All Marketers Should Be Familiar With

As an Internet Marketer, and hopes of┬ábecoming a Web Strategist, it’s vital for me to be able to break down code to properly implement search engine optimization and social media marketing. An understanding of a websites code allows me to determine what strengths and weaknesses they have. In addition, being able to read basic scripts, forms, and databases allows me to troubleshoot my website in case something isn’t working properly. Here are 3 languages all marketers should be familiar with to compete in the current market.


In the words of Dylan Boyd, “my two year old can write HTML.” Which means you should be able to also. Understanding and being able to write HTML isn’t geeky anymore. In fact, it’s imperative if you want to understand the basics of website construction, and HTML, to implement search engine optimization.


HTML and CSS go hand in hand. Without CSS your website will look like garbage. At the same time, CSS can be used to speed up the load time of your website, and create a professional and creative look without the use of flash. If you understand CSS you have the ability to replicate the look and feel of any website utilizing this language.


I had to really think of the usefulness a marketer would gain from understanding this language. Personally, I don’t know enough PHP to write an application, but I do know enough to read and understand what a simple script, or line of code is trying to accomplish. Learning php is not as easy or simplistic as HTML or CSS, but it allows you to troubleshoot the back end of websites. PHP is an actual programming language that has variables and arrays involved. My suggestion would be to analyze current scripts, functions, and programs to try and understand the language prior to diving head first.

Have any languages you think marketers should know? Add them to the list in a comment below.

One thought on “3 Languages All Marketers Should Be Familiar With

  1. I would have to disagree with the Post title. Those are three languages that a web designer should be familiar with, however a marketer should be focused on marketing and delegate or outsource the design work to a designer. Attempting to be both usually results in being just OK at either.

    Web design is time consuming and in many cases requires you to enter a much different mindset than you need to be in when focusing on the big picture marketing strategy of your business.



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