The Web Enhances Music Collaboration

Music collaboration isn’t limited to your buddies and a garage anymore. The use of social media and the Internet has brought musicians and song writers alike together for the ultimate collaboration. Since February 2007,Kompoz has given musicians that outlet. Classic Rock video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band bring non-musicians together, while Kompoz brings together the non-gamers. Music collaboration has a new home.

Prior to my discovery of Kompoz I didn’t know of any other way to create music than to meet fellow musicians around town at shows or at school. The growth of Pro Tools and Garage Band has given musicians a greater ability to record and distribute their work. With Kompoz, it doesn’t matter if I only have my drum set, because I can post my drum track on Kompoz and have anyone from around the world add in vocals, guitar, piano, or bass.

The Grateful Dead is arguably the greatest jam band of all time, but they weren’t formed in a digital world. The creation of sites like Kompoz makes me wonder where the direction music collaboration and composition will go. Will there come a time when a touring band previously played together only via the distribution of their individual instrumental tracks over the Internet? Only time will tell.

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