Spammy Linkbuilding Should STILL Be Intelligent

I receive on a daily basis five to ten spam comments on my blog. What I don’t understand is why bloggers, that are building out get rich quick blogs, continue to leave irrelevant comments on my social media and search marketing blog. If you’re going to tell me about penis pumps at least make the comment on a health niche blog! Blog commenting is an effective way to expand your link building efforts, but their are certain procedures you should follow.

Darren Rowse, of, has a great post with 11 tips on blog commenting that I highly recommend reading before engaging in any serious blog commenting link building strategy.

Once you’re finished with Darren’s post I’d make sure you add in these four ‘must have’s’ prior to commenting:

    You Must Have… Actually Read The Blog Post You’re Commenting On

– Yes I know this seems like a stretch, but how are you suppose to provide value and actually get people to visit your site if you can’t relate your comment to the post? Even if you copy and paste a line or quote specifically from the post, you can respond briefly prior to adding in your initiative.

    You Must Have… Previously Commented On At Least Two Other Posts

– Everyone has some kind of rational self interest when commenting on a blog. If you’re going to put a link in your comment pointing back to an article you wrote it should be somewhat related to the blog topic. If it’s a little off centered, and you’re a regular contributor, you’re less likely to get denied.

    You Must Have… Spell Checked & Grammatically Phrased Your Comment

– I’m a self proclaimed terrible speller and writer. I’d much rather give a speech face to face than write something on paper. Nothing screams spam like a misspelled, or English as a Second Language sounding comment. If you do make a blunder go back, delete your comment, and repost with the correct information. Jennifer Leggio wrote a great post on typos that talks about the importance of your writing.

    You Must Have… Allowed Another Blogger The Same Opportunity

– You’re more likely to have your comment accepted if you return the favor, regardless of how spammy it may look. The karma god of blogs will be out to get you if you’re always commenting with links and you never extend the same opportunity. The old saying, “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” goes a long ways in link building.

Unfortunately spammers don’t take the time to think through the basic concepts I’ve laid out. Imagine how much more effective, and sustainable, they’d be if they followed these procedures.

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