3 Terrible Spring 2009 Fashion Trends

The flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising. Spring is in full session and that can only mean one thing . . . Spring 2009 Fashion Trends. The good people of Style.com have released their fashion trend report for spring 2009. Instead of breaking down what you should be wearing I’ll keep my trend of what you shouldn’t be wearing. Here are my 3 terrible spring 2009 fashion trends.

Geometry Lessons


I’m a food lover, but I’m not a fan of women looking like food. Comme des Garçons has given women an outlet to look like an Oreo cookie. I can’t tell if it’s double stuffed or not though? Either way, this dress is anything but a refreshing dunk with milk.

Sporting Goods


This has to be one of the worst outfits I have ever seen in my life. If someone could please explain to me what the hell Louise Goldin was thinking when she designed this please let me know. Something about the camel toe effect combined with knee braces just screams somebody help me!

Trash and Vaudeville


When I read about this trend I thought it was a shoe-in for a terrible trend. I wasn’t disappointed. Their is something about jean jackets and a cloth diaper that just says trashy. Apparently Alexander Wang has managed to make this clothing combination a high fashion trend.

Have any fashion trends of your own or ones you’ve spotted this fall that should be banned too? Send me a link or post a comment to add yours.

6 thoughts on “3 Terrible Spring 2009 Fashion Trends

  1. Wow! These are horrible! That first picture looks like she’s wearing cotton candy on her head with a comforter from the 80s. Did she just get into a fight with a bunch of carnies??? Unbelievable!

    The second one looks like a page out of Kubrick’s movie 2001 or 2010. WTF? Let’s shave this girl’s head and put on her pajamas. Since when do you wear heels during sports? Greg Oden in high heels…picture that!

    The third one looks like she’s headed to a modern day toga party. Somebody alert the Animal House that the hooker is on her way! Thank God I’m not a woman, I’d kill myself if these were my actual options.

    Good article Jesse. I think I’m gonna go get some cotton candy now, I’m feeling an urge…..

  2. It’s pretty amazing what designers send down the runways sometimes but you have to think about it as a theatrical production. Fashion houses spend millions to put on runways shows, including monumental runway designs, world class DJ’s, and a celebrity front row. The main objective is to get their pieces in stores and in editorial features. The second objective being to build a brand image, entertain, and get in the press.

    The reality is that the majority of these pieces don’t go into stores the way they are displayed. That Alexander Wang bathing suit will be worn by women in Miami and the jacket will be paired with cute black pants in New York. That cotton candy head piece will never be seen in any Saks or Nordstroms but it makes that black dress a bit more eye catching on the runway. As for the middle piece, the tanktop will probably sell but the rest is ridiculous.

    My point being that although some of these displays are outrageous it’s all about keeping things exciting and making news.

    Chanel Runway Display:

  3. My usual bag lady outfits look better than these, and much less expensive I’m sure. The second outfit reminds me of when your sister had to wear leg braces. Why would anyone do that without a deformity to fix? Amazing, camel toe as a fashion statement…what were they thinking! This makes me so glad that I’ve never been fashion conscious.

  4. Alright, I gotta state that with out risk, you will not get to where you want to be. I know all fashion isn’t amazing, but you gotta play with it. I can see the visions with these designers, and besides, runway is known for being outrageous.
    Last designer, Alexander Wang, is simply amazing. He does great stuff, I’m sure this outfit was to tie into the rest of the show. Also I don’t think it’s that bad alone but you obviously wouldn’t wear it on the streets :)

  5. As stated above, fashion is about taking risks. It isn’t all wearable, but designers create stories in their minds and share them via the designs they create. Fashion is supposed to inspire, and it really does influence other aspects of our lives.

    I think the reason why these designs might be alarming, is because there is a difference between “Ready-to-Wear” styles and Haute Couture. Ready-to-Wear styles can take the ideas from the Couture lines and translate them into designs that are much more tame and easy to wear.

    Just look at the difference between these two shows, the first put on by Christian Dior and the second put on by Christian Lacroix. One is RTW and one is his Haute Couture stylings:



  6. One fashion trend I’d like to add to the list is solely to give my roommate a voice against it.

    The despicable trend that’s now become a day to day eyesore is the tights with a shirt look. You may think that the shirt you’re wearing is just long enough to cover your butt or that your tights are just opaque enough to not show you ass/undies in broad daylight when you’re first dressing in the morning, but once you go out into public you’re a full-fledged peep-show. Especially if you drop something have to bend over, letting everyone see each and every polka dot on those damn undies of yours. Stop it. It’s gross.

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