Not So Sirius After All

Concerned stock holders don’t need to look search very long before understanding why Sirius Radio, now Sirius XM Radio, is struggling as a company and experiencing a $2 decrease in stock price. Sirius Radio’s social media footprint is as prominent as their customer service. Their customer service is abysmal at best and the only breathing human that would talk to me was someone that spoke English as a second language. Sirius radio has a lot of work to do.


Sirius Radio ‘No-Shows’ On Customer Service

My father, a lifetime subscriber of Sirius, recently had to replace his Sirius Radio because the transmitter inside the radio was dying. When he first bought the plan he was informed that he could upgrade his radio for free three times. After purchasing his new radio and having it professionally installed he was told by Sirius he would have to pay $75 for activation. We contacted Sirius via their customer service and through broken English were told their was nothing they could do when in the contract it says they have the right to change any and everything. We also e-mailed them three separate occasions without a response.

Unfortunately, this is another case of customer-no-service on all levels. The sales associate that first sold my father his radio was either misinformed or not informed of all of the fine print details outlined in the Sirius Terms & Conditions. Otherwise the ‘lifetime subscriber’ offer really doesn’t sound like that great of a deal. According to the terms and conditions, each new radio requires the $75 activation fee and after the third new radio the contract is null and void. Add in the fact Sirius doesn’t respond to customer’s e-mails via their contact-us page and you have a real problem.

One of my coworkers, Amanda Bernard, informed me that her Husband was also a Sirius subscriber, but canceled his subscription. Several months later he received a bill in the mail claiming he owned money for the month. He was told that someone has re-activated his account, but would not show proof merely that he owned the money. I couldn’t imagine a company with such a great product executing so poorly.

Sirius Radio Social Media is Inexistent

If you do a Google search for Sirius you’re bound to find plenty of articles, affiliate sites, or product sites selling radios. What you wont find from Sirius is any form of social media outreach. Two other companies that have been bashed over the head about customer service or product problems are Dell and Comcast. What did they do to turn things around? Engage in social media and provide customers the ability to be heard. Lee Odden put together a list of 25 Social Media Tips that would help any struggling company like Sirius. At this point, something is better then nothing. If you’re not willing to respond to e-mails and your outsourcing your customer service to India the least you could do is set up a Twitter feed and respond to complaints in real time like Frank Eliason from Comcast.

Sirius Radio is yet another company that is stuck in the stone age trying to churn out product and subscriptions without regards to customer satisfaction. Like any aspiring business you’re bound to run into roadblocks and experience growing pains. Don’t let responding to your customer base be one of them.

One thought on “Not So Sirius After All

  1. Thank you for speaking out against Sirius Radio and their terrible customer service! My guess is that Sirius realizes they have a lot of unhappy customers and former customers, which is why they are afraid to enter the social media networks. I think over time, companies that refuse to engage customers online will begin see a backlash. As more companies reach out to customers via social media sites, people will begin to wonder why some large corporations are avoiding them and this will cast a negative light. People will wonder what a company is hiding by not joining the social networks. I applaud Comcast for communicating with their customers via Twitter because they don’t exactly have the best customer service reputation, but at least they are trying. In fact, I have a few tweets to send to Comcast right now…

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