Would You Like Holes With Those Jeans?

Last week, I discussed the spring time phenomenon known as muffin top, and this week I will cover holey jeans. This trend has been hot for a couple of years now, and I still don’t understand it. People are actually willing to pay more for a pair of jeans that has less material then a pair of jeans that are completely intact.


So in an effort to help out the arts and crafts business, instead of the Hollister’s of the world, I’ve scoured the Internet to help us create the perfect pair of $200 jeans for only $20!

The site e-how, the Internet’s how-to capital, had a great how-to guide for creating ripped jeans.

  1. Take the pencil or washable marker and mark where you want to put the holes.

  2. To make holes that keep the white strands in the hole – Grab a razor blade, and carefully fray and slice, strand by strand, the area that you have marked off. Using the razorblade, cut off the blue strands, separating them from the white stands.

  3. To make wide open holes – Grab a razor blade, and slice the center of where you would like your hole to be. Take the scissors and, using the hole, cut out the spot that you would like to have a hole. Take the razor blade to fray the edges of the hole.

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