The New Web Design: WordPress Themes

Web design has changed in recent years from slaving away at your computer for a month to potentially completing your web site in a weekend. What’s enabled this change is the use and implementation of WordPress. When making the decision to utilize WordPress for web design you have two options for completing your web site design: buy or find a free WordPress theme or create your own WordPress theme.

I like having the control to completely customize my website therefore I’m a big fan of creating WordPress themes from scratch. In order to do this you’ll need to know and understand HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress. Here are some great resources you can use to teach yourself how to make a WordPress theme from scratch.

Web Design Languages

Using the W3Schools you can learn virtually and web based language needed. They have a great easy to understand set-up along with interactive examples. Use W3Schools to Learn HTML, Learn CSS, andLearn PHP.

WordPress Standards

Make sure before diving into creating a WordPress template that you visit the WordPress Theme Development page. This will give you several resources and guidelines for making a compliant theme.

WordPress Theme Development

Everyone needs a little help and ThemeTation’s article on Creating WordPress Themes. Between TehemTation and WP Designer’s How-To Guide for WordPress Themes you won’t leave any stone uncovered.

Have a personal example or site you really like that’s used a self created WordPress theme? Leave a link in a comment to share the love with everyone.

2 thoughts on “The New Web Design: WordPress Themes

  1. WordPress crumbles under any sort of high strain. If you are wanting to build a site thats easy and low traffic its a very nice tool. However if you are suddenly hosting hot content your site will crack. just my 2 cents

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