PF Changs Needs To Get More Social

I recently visited PF Changs for my craving of great Chinese happy hour food and was surprised to see how few actually knew about their great deals. I didn’t have to search very long before I figured out why no one knows about PF Changs happy hour. They don’t talk about it, promote it, or even have it listed on the website! When I tried to find someone within their organization to contact I was forced to fill out a contact-us form or write them via snail mail. PF Changs is currently failing at listening or interacting with their customers via the Internet or social media.

Richard Federico received a 45 pay increase percent increase, but he still has a long way to go before creating an unbeatable Asian restaurant chain. Restaurants, in general, appear reluctant to devote resources into their web presence or social media use. After all, it doesn’t matter how functional your site is if your food stinks you wont get any customers. PF Changs however is a successful, dynamic, and atmospheric Asian restaurant with a great menu. It’s time they create they next Chinese dynasty, in the kitchen, with the help of social media.

PF Changs cannot use the excuse their is not enough conversation volume to warrant social media engagement. On average, 450,000 people in the United States search for PF Changs per month! 8,415 blogs posts have been written about PF Changs since the beginning of the year. The number of Twitter users talking about PF Changs is too many to count. The volume is there it’s just a matter of creating, listening, and interacting.

The first thing I would do is set up a blog, official Twitter account, and Facebook page. Give it that authentic PF Changs brand look to let fellow addicts know you are listening to them. Set up Google alerts and Twitter search feeds to know exactly when people are talking about PF Changs. Then find someone to monitor your conversations, get some interns, and start responding to the masses.

PF Changs brand appeal is large enough they would not require self promotion simply to make consumers aware of their product. Many brands fall into the trap of engaging in social media and then simply utilizing social media tools for self promotion. If PF Changs does engage in self promotion it should be along the lines of promoting new deals, new menu items, or their involvement with the community. No one wants to hear you pat yourself on the back, you have enough loyal customers to do that for you.

PF Changs is a great Asian cuisine restaurant that is on the cusp of being in demand nationwide. The use of social media would enable PF Changs to utilize the Internet’s form of word of mouth advertisement. A blog, Twitter, and Facebook account accompanied by some monitoring and responding is all PF Changs would need. Then PF Changs might not have enough seats for their phenomenal happy hour instead simply having me.

One thought on “PF Changs Needs To Get More Social

  1. Jesse … quarterly release time and I’m a little behind on my blog reading, but caught your post. So here’s the story:

    We are involved in social media, but we’re at very early stages and in somewhat of a learning/startup mode. We believe in it. We also believe in doing it right. Check us out at,, or on Facebook under “Pei Wei Asian Diner.” A P. F. Chang’s page should follow before too long.

    Always eager to hear your thoughts, or those of any other guest.

    In answer to your happy hour question, part of the complication there is that the specifics of our happy hour vary by location. But good feedback. We can look for ways to make that easier for guests to get to.

    Thanks for taking the time to give us the feedback. Hope we can continue to hear from you.


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