Do You Know The Muffin Girl?

Beauty is divine unless your clothing is disproportionate and does not fit you. I come across these types of fashion blunders on a daily basis. Today’s look comes out of hibernation every year once the weather warms up. On the campus of Portland State University it runs rampant throughout the park blocks like a virus. This trend is known as the muffin top.


Now I’m no fashion expert, but I do believe we can all see the problem with the picture above. I’ve never really understood why these culprits just don’t buy a larger shirt. I have two sisters and i can tell you they wouldn’t be caught dead in a muffin top. This does appear to be a world-wide problem though. On April 9th, it was reported that half of Britain’s women have muffin top waistlines!

What makes this trend so unusual is no one has the heart to tell these poor people how bad this looks. Instead their photo wind up on for the world to see. The most effective social media avenue for the muffin top is Flickr. A vast majority of the 4,167 results and 19 groups pertain to the muffin top we are discussing. Facebook has 381 groups pertaining to muffin top, but unfortunately we are still without an application.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know The Muffin Girl?

  1. muffin tops are sexy as hell their shirts are too small to temp you with their softness. how about looking at it that way.

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