The Social Media Engager Gets Structured

As publicized through a social media blog post, my Twitter account, and Facebook profile I’ve decided to give the social media engager a little more structure and organization. My penultimate goal is to write posts as organically as possible, but this has led to some very late evenings and often rude awakenings. Unfortunately I don’t posses the ability, currently, to write seven random structured posts over the weekend. With my new structure and format I believe I may someday discover that ability.

Through the help of my readers and friends I’ve created a structure that I believe will be a win-win.

“Help my Brand Monday’s” – Had and unpleasant experience or struggling to get by? Through the suggestions of others and experiences of my own I’ll be breaking down company brand’s and how they could be using social media to better the customer experience.

“Teach me Technology Tuesday’s” – The idea was a mashup from my first posts about being a social media know it all and also my online search marketing tips. Any and everything goes so long as it’s tech and its purpose is to educate.

“Music Wednesday’s” – Everyone seems to have a band or group, but few are utilizing the web properly. Like my Help my Brand Monday’s I’ll be discussing some of my favorite music groups and where they rank among the social media elite.

“Trendy Thursday’s” – This suggestion came from one of my college business school friend’s and the Nordstrom’s selling queen Morgan Mosset. I’ve shown during my day job, at EngineWorks, that fashion and style CAN be one of my fortes. My coworkers often call me either the best dressed or the unibomber depending on my mood and clothing of the day. This versatility is what’s led me to believe I might actually have a shot of writing a fashion driven post.

“Foodie Friday’s” – My family has given me the nickname Mongo which as illustrated via the video above can be very dangerous. My coworkers can also attest to the fact I never stop eating. Quantity isn’t always my priority and I’ve given myself the title of bento connoisseur. I’ve been around my parents long enough to have tasted an array of food and beverages. I’ll be sharing my mature pallet on Friday’s.

“Sport Saturday’s” – My sports addiction will have the opportunity to be released once a week. I could probably open an entirely new blog and site revolving around sports, but I’ll keep these posts as Internet relevant as possible!

“Flex Sunday’s” – Everyone needs a day off. Depending on the mood, weather, and a multitude of other things I will opt to write about whatever I please or just choose to take the day off.

Thank you to everyone’s contributions and hopefully this will lead to a much more fulfilling process!

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