You Decide What You Want To Hear

The pursuit of a social media engager has proven to be more difficult then I first anticipated. The sheer volume of information available makes the digestion process more time consuming and important. I’ve read several blogs that recommend taking one day and writing an entire weeks worth of posts which unfortunately I haven’t been able to do. Much of what I write is based on experience, current events, or something I read during the day. I do recognize I could use a little more structure which would lead to a more positive reading experience. As a result I’ve decided to try and break down each day into a specific category/subject with a social media, Internet marketing, or online search marketing overtone.

I’ve already had some suggestions passed along to me for specific categories specific days. Ultimately it comes down to what you the reader wants to hear. Therefore I’m leaving the idea box open to you for the entire weekend. Here is a sample schedule that I’ve comprised so far.

Monday – Brand Monday
Tuesday – Techy Tuesday
Wednesday – Open/Flex Day
Thursday – Trendy (fashion) Thursday
Friday – Foodie Friday
Saturday – Sports Saturday
Sunday – Open/Flex Day

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas.

3 thoughts on “You Decide What You Want To Hear

  1. How about coming up with a few ideas of what major brands SHOULD be doing. Be very specific. For example, I had a rough experience with the airlines this weekend. I can think of several ways in which the airline could have handled this situation better through social media. What do you think?

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