3 New Social Media Job Positions

In light of the job shortages I’m here to propose three jobs in social media. These positions could be created by yourself and eventually you could, like the rest of the community, call yourself and expert or consultant.

  1. Official Tweeter – We already have agents, publicists, personal assistants, and secretary’s for jobs so why can’t we make a more social media savvy position? An official tweeter would be responsible for collecting, responding, and distributing tweets to keep the community up to date with the latest news on the most important people. For example someone could be Guy Kawasaki’s official tweeter which would free him up some substantial time. Hopefully he’d give a good benefits plan, I have a feeling they’re going to need a spare set of thumbs.

  2. Executive Commenter – Similar to the official tweeter this individual would be responsible for scouring the web, reading blog posts, and writing comments in response that don’t find their way into the spam filter. The main benefits gained by the employer would include the perception that they’re really up on industry trends. The downside, clients may think that’s all you do.

  3. Social Media Engager – This individual would be responsible for trying all trying and reporting on each and every tool on the Web 2.0 handbook. It’s suggested this individual is hired on at a very young age because it may take them 30 years to learn each and every one of these.

If you have any recommendations for social media driven jobs please leave them in a comment below.

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