Google Loses Its Mind For April Fools, Again

Every year April Fools Day puts businesses and employees in a frenzy wondering what is real and what’s just another prank. From high profile companies to in house madness the world just seems to act a little goofy on April 1st. We’ll take a look at what arguably could be the top 5 Best April Fools Day jokes, the madness of Google April Fools Day pranks, and some ideas to make 2009 April Fools Day the best one yet!

Top 5 Best April Fools Day Pranks

The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

In 1957 the BBC news show Panorama announced to the world that Swiss farmers were able to grow spaghetti from the trees. When asked how this was possible they replied, “place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best.”

Sidd Finch – The New York Mets Star


As a huge New York Mets fan, I was born in 1986 in New York, the news in 1985 could not have been better. Sports Illustrated published the story about the Mets new rookie pitcher Sidd Finch. Reports stated Sidd could reportedly throw a baseball at 168 mph with pinpoint accuracy even though he’d never played a game in his life! Instead, Sidd mastered the “art of the pitch” in a Tibetan monastery under the guidance of the “great poet-saint Lama Milaraspa.”

The Taco Liberty Bell


In 1996 Taco Bell took out a full page ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and USA Today. They informed the public they had purchased the Liberty Bell and was renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. While the mayhem lasted only a few hours White House press secretary Mike McCurry was bombarded with questions. His reply, “The Lincoln Memorial has also be sold and renamed as the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial.”

Nixon Runs for President Again


NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” reported in 1992 that former-President Richard Nixon had declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. Nixon during his candidacy speech Nixon exclaimed, “I never did anything wrong, and I won’t do it again.” Harvard professor Laurence Tribe and Newsweek reporter Howard Finemann then did a full analysis of Nixon’s decision and potential impact to the presidential race. Press secretary of the Bush-Quayle campaign then released a statement saying, “We are stunned and think it’s an obvious attempt by Nixon to upstage our foreign policy announcement today.”

Social Media Study Proves Customer Dissatisfaction


In a stunning development released today Oklahoma State University Professor John Lankshanks released a study showing that listening to customers through social media devices actually decreased customer satisfaction ratings.

Google April Fools Day Pranks

Google has had a history of playing so of the best April Fools Day pranks since 2000. Some of their wacky pranks included releasing Google MentalPlex, Pigeon Rank, Google Copernicus Center, Google Gulp, Google Romance, Gmail Paper, and Google TiSP.

For this year Google has remained at the top of their game.

This year Google introduced gBall an exclusive ball designed for Australian rules football. Special gBall technology allows users to plug in and register their gBall online giving them detailed online kicking tips, style suggestions and tutorials based on their uploaded gBall kicking data.

Google also announced the release of Google Chrome with 3D. After printing out special glasses Chrome users simply enable the technology and enjoy!

YouTube also got in on the April Fools Day prank act this year. YouTube released a new viewing experience for users. It allows you to get the most out of your YouTube experience.

April Fools Day Prank Ideas

You don’t have to be Google or a major corporate to enjoy and participate in pranking your coworkers. Below is a list of some of my favorite computer pranks:

  1. Microsoft Word Hack – Go into word and access the auto-correct feature. We’ll be changing it so it misspells common words. Open Word and choose “AutoCorrect Options” from the Tools menu. Change common words like “the” and “and” with different words like “underwear” or “grapefruit.”
  2. Dimmed Monitor – Turn the brightness control all the way up and the contrast all the way down. The screen should appear completely blank.
  3. Mouse Problems – Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel and go into the mouse program. On the Buttons tab, change the buttons configuration to switch the primary and secondary buttons of the mouse.
  4. More Mouse Problems – Take a posted note and write April Fools on it. Then attach it to the bottom of your coworkers mouse covering the eye of the optical mouse. If they’re still in the stone age and have a mouse with a ball in it you can tap a piece of paper over the ball underneath the mouse.
  5. The Last Mouse Problem – Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options, and change the mouse pointer to the slowest speed. Most of your coworkers wont know about this setting and will just think their RAM blew up or the computer is dying.
  6. Keyboard Torture – Carefully pop off a few of the keys from your coworkers keyboard and switch them around. This should cause some confusion for a little bit if they don’t normally look at their keyboard while they’re typing.
  7. The Ultimate Frustrater – Open any application your coworker typically uses. Press “PrtScn” to capture the desktop as an image. You need to make sure the mouse pointer and task bar can not be seen. Then go into paint and paste the photo in their saving it to an accessible file. Lastly, right click on the desktop, select “properties”, and select the image you created as your background. Your coworker will think they have the application open on their computer, but wont be able to figure out why they can’t close it or minimize it.

If you have any April Fools Day prank you’ve performed, witnessed, or enjoyed please share them with a comment below. Happy April Fools Day!

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