Facebook Applications That Should Be Banned

As a social media engager I’ve tried to make it my priority to investigate, and at least try, any and everything that deals with social media. As you can imagine it’s quite the daunting task and usually requires many moments filled with, “I wish I had those 10 minutes of my life back.” In an effort to educate and stimulate I’ve come up with four common Facebook applications that for one reason or another should be banned and completely avoided.

#1) Lil Green Path – I’m all for the fight of global warming and trying to get others involved, but when this enables daily requests for exchanging of fake plants its gone too far!

#2) Nicest Person Content – I realize that by including this application in my list for banned applications my ranking of #3 for nicest person among my friends will diminish. Irregardless the hourly updates reminding me to check my status and vote for my friends makes it a first ballot candidate for banishment.

#3) Compare People – The idea and concept is pretty cool and I’ll admit I’ve found myself addicted to rating and judging all of my friends. The incessant advertisement of telling me how many crushes I have –


– and the fact my rankings change more than a Nascar’s tires makes it depressing to see you go from a potential phenom to depressing loser. This fluctuation in moral and false crushes makes this application ban worthy.

#4) Super Wall, Super Poke, Graffiti , or any similar application – Writing and interacting on your friends wall is one thing, but when you’re given the power to unleash web 2.0 emotions or physical reactions it becomes creepy. Of course there’s always some kind of inappropriate action that your best friend does repeatedly. Piggybacking that trend is the use of the application Graffiti which allows users to graphically draw or write whatever they please. Inevitably someone draws a giant penis which in it of itself should be reason for banishment.

Please feel free to add any additional applications you should be added to the banned list.

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