Vitamin Water Hits a Game Winner

Every year the month of March brings together droves of people across the United States for one spic event. March Madness. No other sporting event has the ability to pit David against Goliath or create the influx of emotions a fan can go through when creating his bracket. The joys of winning and the turmoils of losing can all be captured in the span of a few short weeks.


It seems that March Madness is recession proof as has reported that advertising on its live streaming service is up a record $23 million from last year. One company that has stood out among the rest is Vitamin Water. In one of the most comprehensive advertising and marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen Vitamin Water is attempting to make its brand and Revive product associated with March Madness. The coolers court side, the cups the players use to rehydrate, the cups that coaches sip out of during their press conference, and of course their TV ad and contest.

Vitamin Water has funneled their traditional advertisement viewers to the web for a more interactive experience. Vitamin Water has created a hub for their video contest at the Revive to Survive website. The influx of user generated content, use of Facebook, and production of timely traditional advertisement is a testament to Vitamin Water’s brand and ability to be a catalyst in the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

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