Inspiration for the Social Media Enthused

I was privileged enough to attend the second ever Portland Social Media Club event this evening. While that in it of itself is not newsworthy the inspiration, vigor, and motivation speaker Kelly Feller, a Social Media Strategist for Intel, exuded on myself is.

Please visit to see the slides from Kelly’s presentation Getting It Jobs In Social Media.

What Kelly was able to convey was not only a sense of hope, but a beacon of guidance and a Big Ben lit big idea. The main problem, as I’ve advocated in Engagement is Only Second Base in Social Media , is companies and individuals want to engage, but they’re not being authentic. Many companies state they, “simply don’t have time to actively participate in social media,” yet believe they must participate to be relevant. As a result third party sources are called upon to run and manage these social media channels. What ends of happening is eventually a tweet, blog post, stumble, or some other form of social media engagement is performed and is not a direct representation of the views, thoughts, outlooks, or opinions of that company or individual. Misrepresentation occurs and thus a huge mess is created. In the end the time it takes to undo a social media disaster and potential branding catastrophe is much more than personally taking the time to engage with your customers and authentically interact using social media. After all isn’t the idea of interacting with your customers is suppose to be so you can react to and improve their expectations?

To dispel the fear of engagement, Kelly went into her theory that was coined by Nike, “Just do it!”. Anything that’s new and different will have some kind of resistance. Laggards still exist, especially in social media, but the expectation isn’t to try every single social media tool available. I’ve focused on, as stated in Social Media Which Services Matter? , is more manageable. Kelly stated engaging in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a blog should be enough to suffice any business or personal brand. The main thing is to roll up your sleeves and just start interacting. Keep the authenticity and your own personal voice. That’s what makes it interesting and engaging. Everyone has a perspective and viewpoint which is the real end value. So stop lurking in the shadows of technology. Come out and get your hands dirty in Social Media. I promise we wont bite!

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