Back On The Social Media Prowl

For 2 months the Portland Social Media Engager lay asleep in the classrooms of Portland State University. Expanding his knowledge on the theory of Marketing and Advertising or otherwise known as the theory from the 1970’s. The sheer volume of material caused me to step away from my beloved blog and thus the 2 month lay over. As of Friday at 11:47 AM the degree was completed and thus the end of the hibernation!

I’ve come across tons of new tools, sites, case studies, and blogs to talk about in the coming weeks. I’ll be ramping back up and posting new content nearly everyday once again. With my newfound time I took the liberty of creating my own personal Squidoo Page, Jesse Liebman, this evening that I hope you’ll take some time to check out and interact with me on.

I look forward to getting back to the consistent flow many of you had come to expect and enjoy.

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