Internet & Mobile TV. Interview with theChanner Founder Nina Alastruey

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the Founder of theChanner, a Spain based company, Nina Alastruey. theChanner provides a World TV tuner that allows you to watch Internet TV on your mobile phone and on your PC. The service is currently in beta form and Marketing director Marina Cais was kind enough to give me the opportunity to try out their product. With a very sleek and intuitive product theChanner has a service, that with time, has the opportunity to be widely used. While I personally don’t have a 3G video capable phone I’ve been told from a friend that theChanner’s mobile capabilities is extremely impressive. The channel selection is currently limited, but there is plans for expansion. The thing to keep in mind is this is World TV. You wont find ABC or ESPN or CBS on here. It takes some getting use to, but after a few months of trial I’m already feeling more worldly than I did before.

Here is the interview I conducted with Founder Nina Alastruey:

Jesse: Earlier this year Nielsen reported US Internet users watched video for and average of 2 hours and 19 minutes per month while mobile users watched video on their cell phones for an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes per month. How do Internet / Mobile TV providers like plan to compete in the US market when American’s are watching more TV than ever before viewing an average of 127 hours and 15 minutes per month?

Nina: This is a good trend. Mobile screens allow people to watch TV wherever they are. It means an easy access to News, Music… anytime.

Jesse: Mobile TV has been in use internationally since 2005 when South Korea became the first country to offer the service. With the current progress of telecommunications networks where do you see the trend of mobile TV progressing? When do you predict it will become widely used globally?

Nina: South Korea started with new mobile TV digital networks. Several countries followed them with analog systems. Now, it is not necessary to have a cellular with that kind of antenna if your mobile network offers you a wide mobile broadband or your phone is able to connect to the Internet through a DSL connection. This will help new users to come. Smartphone’s decreasing prize will also be a key issue.

Jesse: YouTube currently generates 70 million users a month according to Network TV stations such as ABC and ESPN currently offer Internet programming while services like Hulu, Joost, Miro, and Zattoo offer steaming Internet TV. What do service providers like need to provide to be a main competitor in the Internet TV industry?

Nina: theChanner aims to promote WorldTV. It is not about premium TV or the home TV we are used to watch. It is about TV channels from wherever they  are talking about any info, sport, entertainment that may interest to people: pop music from Japan, a weather report from Europe or your local news.

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