Google : The Blog Saviour

Google has reshaped the Internet. What you may not know is they’re reshaped databasing too. When I re-wrote my WordPress database I was told there was no way to recover everything. They must not have used Google Webmaster tools before.

Google Webmaster Tools always Google to view and diagnose problems with your site, discover and link traffic, and share information about your site. The tools forces you to submit a sitemap which is a catalog of all pages on your site. After submitting a sitemap Google will use this to help index all of the pages you have within your site.

Prior to erasing my WordPress database I had submitted a sitemap and all but one of my posts were indexed in the Google database. Google stores a cache of indexed pages showing the most resent version of the page. I was then able to look at the page source of these cached pages to see the HTML version which would allow me to keep my formating. I was able to copy all but one of my posts and all comments using this method.

The WordPress system allows you to publish posts on any day or time you wish. Looking a the URL of each post I was able to determine what date all the posts were published. For the comments it was a little trickier. Each and every comment that is made on my blog sends me an e-mail which asks for my approval to post the comment. Fortunately for me I still had all my my comment approval e-mails saved which had the date and time the comments were made.

I find it truly amazing that any website can be salvaged just as a result of getting your site indexed. Photos, blog posts, comments, and any formating that is listed in your page source. My recommendation for anyone is to create a site map and submit it to Google Webmaster tools. It requires placing on line of code in your meta tags and will provide endless benefits. Ensure your website is protected by the masters themselves at Google.

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