Pitfalls: What Contributed to My Blogs Death

While I would love to completely blame my blogs death on Media Temple sadly I overlooked several crucial warnings. As I discussed yesterday in, The Death & Rebirth of My Blog in 24 Hours, I ran into several poor decisions which led to the death of my blog. The main criticism I had about the situation was there was no warning signs or flares shot up into the air saying, “If you click here you will lose everything you’ve done!”

When I actually decided to retrace my steps I learned, as mother always says, “If you took just two extra seconds to read what you were doing…”


This, the first and most obvious sign, was placed prior to me clicking to install wordpress onto Nick Footer’s blog. For whatever reason I decided to ignore this bright red warning sign and continue as if nothing was going to happen.

databaseThis next, and now very obvious, second page was the final page that stood between creating a new database for Nick and deleting everything. Once again I failed to read the glaringly obvious NOTE at the bottom of each step and decided to just click next. What then unfolded was my database being re-written causing all the data to be lost. The difference really came down to clicking two buttons and placing the number 2 in the new box to create a new database.

You may or may not be familar with servers, databases, wordpress, or any of the technical applications during this weeks posts, but there is still some life lessons to be learned. While everyone wants to get ahead, take shortcuts, and pass over directions the chance you take is great. You may not get caught everytime, in fact it may just catch you once, but that one time may be a sustaintial enough lose it may cost your dearly. As my mother always, “Take the two seconds to read the directions and it will pay for the hours worth of headache you would otherwise endure.”

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