The Death & Rebirth of My Blog in 24 Hours

Gone. After 2 months of painstaking, teeth cutting, mind racking work my blog, posts, comments, and momentum was gone. As Miguel P. of Media Temple’s customer support stated:

I looked at your service and noted that there is only one database installed on your service which suggests that you accidentally overwrote the database of your first WordPress when you installed the second.

My day began by meeting with my good friend from school Nick Footer. We’ve been in constant competition for social media supremacy over the past few months. I told him that by setting up and starting his own blog it would help even the playing field. Nick finally decided to take the plunge.

We negotiated and decided the best way for him to start his blog would be to get his domain, run it on my server space with Media Temple, and lean on me for any technical questions. After all with 2 months of running successful I felt like I could comfortably tackle any challenge that came our way.

The day started in the wrong direction with Nick’s own blow up. After three phone calls with tech support we finally had his domain. The Honest Marketer was up and we were ready to get this blogging party started.

Using Media Temple’s patented one-click application installation system I went through the necessary steps to get wordpress able and Nick happy.


I proceeded to his domain and everything looked great. I proceed to my domain and there was nothing. I had Nick go to the URL and he couldn’t get anything either. I was back on the phone with Miguel at Media Temple when he broke the news. Everything was gone. My posts, my comments, my theme, photos, everything, GONE! I was in disbelief and even started laughing. Nick wanted to die, but I refused for him to get bummed out.

After two straight days of work totaling 8 hours worth of time the blog is back! Every post, comment, and photo has been recreated to its original time and format. While some pingbacks have been lost that is the only casualty. I saw the gut wrenching flatline, but the social media gods have revived the blog.

Over the next week I’ll go over the pitfalls I made along the way, what I could have done to prevent this, how I revived the blog, and what I plan to do moving forward. Share some of your own blogging mishaps in a comment below.

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