Social Media: It Will Be There For You

Over the past two days, from work and the holiday, my social media interaction has been pushed to the back burner. While I’m typically a daily Twitter user with the help of Tweetdeck I haven’t used Twitter or any of my social media tools for the past few days. As I mentioned previously, I typically use Twitter to help find relevant blog posts I should be reading during the day. So what has my lack of tweeting done? It has caused my blog reading to come to a halt as well as prevented me from writing about current topics on this blog. While experts would agree that producing a blog requires constant attention I’m here to tell you missing a few days isn’t career damaging on your social media interactions.

If we truly sit down and rationalize our social media use I think we can all agree it should be an enhancement not a dependent tool. You may have been able to generate a portion of your customers via your social media use, but maintaining these customers must come first. Unless you are a social media expert or social media is your specific niche daily use may not be needed for you. A perfect analogy would be interactions with your family and friends.

We all have different categories of people we interact with. Those we talk with every day, once a week, and once in a blue moon. The relationships that are most important to you, your family and close friends, will be there for you regardless of what type of interaction schedule you have. The same goes for your social media network. There are people that will stop reading this blog entirely if I don’t make a post everyday, but they typically aren’t the people I interact with on a daily basis. I must be sensitive with this situation for the blogs that I personally read. Things come up and a blog post or Twitter conversation may not be possible. That doesn’t mean these social media relationships are any less valuable.

Look at the big picture when analyzing your social media use and interaction. High quality blog posts and relationships will always be more beneficial than just writing or interacting for the sake of doing it. In the end those that truly value your opinion and viewpoints will always be there to lend an ear. Which will lead to the highest quality social media interaction possible.

3 thoughts on “Social Media: It Will Be There For You

  1. Jesse – a good reminder of the role these tools can play in building relationships, but that it isn’t the be all end all. It’s easy to rely on social media as well to create and maintain relationships, but like any good communications plan, it should be a smaller part of a larger strategy.

  2. Jesse – You beat me to this post. We had a ton of snow and it shut down our home town for almost a week around Christmas. I was so entralled with the snow (almost 1 1/2 feet!) I didn’t focus much attention on social media, blogs, twitter or anything else other than snow. I helped a bunch of my friends get around since I had chains and have lived in Boston during the winter-They get snow all the time. I had over 100 blog posts to read and respond to, but the real life interaction with friends and family was well worth it.

  3. And how…I am beginning to wonder if there some people talk to their friends and grandmas like they do on Twitter. One moment it’s all about the weather and shared memories, the next it’s obscure new media strategies. All the while granny nods off.

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