Social Media Interaction Beyond the Web

In a continuing theme for this week I’ll be focusing on interacting beyond the web with social media. I’ve currently discussed proper social media engagement and proper social media interaction. Today will be the almighty connection between social media interaction and real world interaction.

While a face-to-face interaction may not be necessary, having a visual reference point is. Video in general is a growing commodity I believe will become a more and more accepted form of communication. International organizations currently engage in the use of web cameras which gives a sense of the individual actually being there. There is something to be said for visually making the connection with the voice you hear. The same goes for your social media interaction.

While podcasts are popular I believe video is a more successful form of media. When connecting with contacts through social media it’s difficult to feel like they’re real. Using podcasts and especially video has the ability to make that “real” connection.

Look for a further research specifically on podcasts and video’s success later in the week. In the mean time what’s your thoughts on social media interaction? What do you believe makes the connect feel like you’re talking to a “real” person instead of a mystery?

One thought on “Social Media Interaction Beyond the Web

  1. I agree that video is the most impactful to get to know someone if a face to face is not possible. Being new to social media most of my connections still have been through blog posts and twitter, but let me tell you a story. I follow @jasonfalls on Twitter and his blog. He posted a video a few weeks ago about life and how precious it is. He put his heart out there and showed his emotions. I truly felt his pain that otherwise might have just been clicked through and archived on his blog.

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