Social Media Sincerity Is Needed When Promoting

At some point you’ve had a great idea you wanted to promote. You wanted it to become mainstream and draw the eyes of major publications. You wanted Fortune 500 executives to hear your voice and match your ideas with brilliance. How can you possibly catch the attention of all these media channels? There is two ways: A right way and a wrong way.

As I’ve harped on in past posts providing value to your readers is of the utmost importance when you hope to pass along your ideas. The fact is true. At some point you’re going to have to connect with more prominent figures to help promote your work. As much as everyone would like organic promotion to occur it simply doesn’t happen until you have established credibility. Credibility is established via the recognition that your ideas provide value.

Social media networking has become one of the easiest methods to connect and pass along your work. We all have the ability to connect with individuals we otherwise might never meet. The important thing to keep in mind is how you connect with these individuals. Generic content placed in mass e-mails or invites not only appears insincere it sounds insincere. As a reader I would want to feel like each and every writer has a vested interest in me. If you find value in the material you’re more likely to pass it along.

The best way to ensure you’re providing value to your contacts is to do some research prior to distribution. In an earlier post I asked my readership if they focused on quality or quantity for a social media strategy. The overwhelming majority said quality. If you truly are focusing on quality then you need to research your contacts before providing them with material.

What is your contacts position, what are their interests, what types of work are they currently focusing on, and what can they provide you?

Can mass blanketed insincere e-mails help gain readership and exposure? Yes, but is it the type of readership and exposure you’re looking for? I’ve found through personal experience that connecting with a few credible individuals has led to a far more successful, and higher quality, promotion than a generic e-mail to hundreds of contacts.

We all have different viewpoints and strategies. I’m interested to hear what techniques you’ve tried. What is your expereince with social media promotion? What techniques do you use? Have you tried mass generic promotion and if so what technique did you use to make it successful?

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