The Night of Strategy

‘Twas the night of strategy, when all through the web

Not a blogger was stirring, not even Deb;

The posts were uploaded on the site with speed,

In hopes that Charlie Moran would soon visit and read;

Mr. CEO was slaving away at his desk,

While the scene in February at Yahoo was quite burlesque;

Windows with another update while Bill Gates gained some lighter pockets,

Yes, Microsoft had just seen a record €899 million fine placed on the docket,

When out of no where a game changer came,

Everyone was engaging, things would never be the same.

Away to our companies we flew like birds,

The impact we could have, not able to put into words.

These applications, what’s the impact? Who knows

Gave us the thought we could be more popular than Kevin Rose,

When, what to our wondering eyes began,

But the ultimate social media plan,

With infinite applications, so dynamic and rich,

Installation would be simple with just the flip of a switch.

Visions of your company never being the same,

You said out loud these tools by name:

“Now, Twitter! now, Facebook! now, YouTube and Delicious!

On, Digg! on LinkedIn! on, StumbleUpon and Flickr!

To the top of the rankings! not using them is your call!

But you better use them! use them! use them all!”

The competition still doesn’t have a sense of things,

While your company’s already spread their wings,

So to the front page of Wikipedia you flew,

With your website full of applications, and a killer blog too.

And then, in a twinkling, you saw the sales lead data,

It was only your first month of engagement, your practically still a beta!

Excitement drew over you, you’ve almost hit it big,

The traffic is flowing in steady, so you do an Irish Jig.

You went against the grain from the start

Mocked, yet innovative, in hindsight your company was actually smart,

For you envisioned these trends ahead of time,

Everything wasn’t easy, it involved quite a climb.

A restructure of your thinking needed to be done!

Smoking the competition is always a lot of fun!

Time is your main cost through all this,

Don’t understand? You should read the article from yesterday that you missed;

Through trial and error you determined the best tools,

Those who don’t use social media are simply just fools;

From niche, to mainstream you’ve tried it all,

Testing and testing until you hit the stone wall.

With great excitement your users found,

Your profiles and accounts showing you were always around;

For a question or suggestion, whatever it may be,

Responding in a timely manner is the key;

So your ready, your set, for the new wave to begin,

You’ve got the right strategy that would make anyone grin,

An expert you are not, but sound logic you can use,

To predict what’s ahead next so in 2009 you can cruise;

Tool synchronization and content distribution are on the prowl

Engagement in these will surely force your competition to throw in the towel.

We’ll look back at the end of the year to see if I was right,

On Christmas eve during a social media strategy night!

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