4 Sweet Blogs for the Strategist in You

Though it’s only been a week since my last post on blogs, 6 social media blogs worth visiting, I felt with it being Christmas I’d share a few more.

It’s been a tremendous week for making new connections on Twitter which has led me to the following blogs:

Experience Curve : Karl Long of Nokia has really opened my mind, eyes, and ears to social media. His perspective is a refreshing blend of technology, current events, and outside the box thinking. His tremendous blog looks at social media strategy and engagement marketing.

Conversation Agent : Valeria Maltoni wrote probably the best post of the year in The Future is Now. Fortunately for me this was the first post I ever read of Valeria’s. Valeria has the writer’s touch to change the perspective on marketing with simply one post.

Conversation Marketing : I had the privilege of seeing Ian Lurie speak at one of the SEMpdx events on Google Analytics. His ability to take complex technologies and concepts and put them into beginners terms was simply breathtaking. His simplicity of concepts is a confidence builder as each of his posts opens a new door in Internet marketing.

China IWOM Blog : This blog was past along to me by Intel’s own blog father Bryan Rhoads who stated it was, “Hands down the best Chinese business blog.” I couldn’t agree more. With a white paper that could teach even Robert Scoble something, The Internet is THE community should be mandatory for anyone in the Internet field.

4 thoughts on “4 Sweet Blogs for the Strategist in You

  1. Thank you so much Jesse! It’s because of readers and community members like you that help foster the conversation on these social media platforms that even makes social media work. So keep it up. Thanks for allowing us to postulate our thoughts on how to do it. I loved the Captain Planet piece you wrote! See you in Twitterville!


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