6 Social Media Blogs Worth Visiting

As a social media, online search marketing, and Internet marketing blogger ideas are typically generated from content I’ve read or seen during the day. After letting these ideas stew for the day they unleash their wrath and eventually make it to the final stage, a post on this blog.

Twitter is my main source because I can quickly and easily find and read relevant content. Meaning the individuals I’m following engage me and then hopefully I can return the favor.

What helped produce Captain Planet Meets Twitter Strategy? My little competition between myself and a good friend, and Internet marketing buff, Nick Footer to see who could reach a rating of 99 first via Hubspot’s Twitter Grader. I finally pulled within one point of Nick when I decided to take a look at all of my followers. After deleting 16 that were spammers, which helped spawn my post on SMM Strategy, my rating fell by 3 whole points. I decided there must be a strategy involved to become a Twitter Master and thus the birth of the blog post.

With the creative juices following I took a visit to ESPN.com to check out the days top stories when I saw a little ad for ESPN 360. I thought to myself, ESPN is one of the most dynamic and media savvy brands I know. A little investigating and poof: Blue, 42, Set, Connect!

It’s really that easy.

So to help other social media marketing bloggers, enthusiasts, followers, and users I will be listing 6 social media blogs I read and look at on a daily basis.

  1. Chris Brogan – Focuses on social media business strategy is famous for “best of lists”.
  2. Mashable – Potentially the most dynamic and cutting edge blog on SMM and Internet Marketing.
  3. Radical Trust – Another dynamic blog written by Collin Douma, one of Canada’s SMM experts.
  4. Social Media Explorer – Some of the most thought provoking posts I’ve ever read.
  5. Above The Buzz – Fell in love after with this blog after reading, “The cost of not entering Social Media”.
  6. The Social Media Marketing Blog – Scott Monty takes current events and mashes them with SMM.

Think I missed a blog? Add yours to this list via a comment.

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