Captain Planet Meets Twitter Strategy

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. With their powers combined they helped to create Captain Planet. Little did we know this hit TV show would have a connection to Twitter strategy. That’s right the social media tool Twitter.

If your a Twitter user and haven’t tired out Hubspot’s tool yet, the Twitter Grader, I recommend you check it out. It measures your reach and authority as a Twitter user. The grading criteria comes from:

  • The number of followers you have
  • The power of this network of followers
  • The pace of your updates
  • The completeness of your profile
  • …a few others

This is where Captain Planet and the Planeteers come in. Each Planeteer represents a different strategy you could use for as a Twitter strategy. Having a Twitter strategy is vital for increasing your followers and gaining authority which consequentially increases traffic to your website, blog, or other various sites. In the long run a successful Twitter strategy will help with brand awareness and your company’s overall marketing efforts. With these Twitter strategies combined we get, Captain Planet!


Relevant and engaging content is your middle name. You don’t have to reciprocate followers to grow your network, they come to you. Your network values your opinions and tweets because they know they will learn something each and every time you made a post. You made that tweet after you read a post about using blogrolls which helped your followers learn how to linkshare. That article about Blog SEO Tips helped your followers create their own SEO friendly blog. And your followers finally found their own voice after you tweeted the article about finding a niche for your blog. You naturally draw attention because your always tweeting content that would otherwise go unnoticed.


If it’s new news, then you’re on it. Whatever your niche may be, followers know that when they’re notified of a new tweet, and your image pops up, it means something newsworthy has just occurred. When the SearchWiki was first released that was you tweeting your followers. When Facebook released their Facebook Connect you were on it. And when Twitter chose Google, not Facebook everyone knew because of you. Like a wildfire the news spreads because your followers are constantly retweeting your hot bulletins.


Like the jet stream you pass along any and everything you think is great. In Twitter language we call it retweeting or rt. When Christopher Lower wrote the exceptional post on the cost of not entering social media you helped keep the buzz going by retweeting. Then Chris Messina announced his candidacy for the board of OpenID Foundation your retweeting made the buzz around Chris feel like hurricane force winds. The seldom used tool of retweeting is your only tool. Your not a buzz kill, your a buzz generator.


School taught you to talk in complete sentences, but the rush of catching an @ wave is just too tempting. Interaction is your middle name and using the @ symbol is your game. You needed a social media expert so you contacted @lisahoffmann and @scotthepburn. You saw the conversation stemming from the new post on so you went to the source @leeodden. Like a tall glass of water your always easy to talk to. After all you’re just an @ away.


Everyone wants to feel wanted and you fill that void. You follow so many people it takes an hour just to thumb through all the pages of people you follow. No matter the region or perspective you’ll follow anyone you think will bring value and education to your day. You follow people like Nick Footer, Chris Brogan, Mack Collier, Amber Naslund, Mark Ramskill, and Jason Falls because you know they always have the latest and greatest tweets. You have followers because they are following you. In other words your conducting reciprocal following.

Captain Planet

With the combination of tweeting relevant and engaging content, tweeting time sensitive bulletins, retweeting valuable tweets, engaging in conversations using @, and following others no one will be able to stop you. While there are many people that simply engage in one or a couple of these strategies those that truly understand Twitter engage in all of the above. Tweeting about things pertinent only to you, following a million people hoping they’ll do the same, or ignoring users who are trying to engage in a conversation will only hinder the potential you could unlock. Open your mind, ears, and mouth and Twitter will do the same for you.

6 thoughts on “Captain Planet Meets Twitter Strategy

  1. It’s not hard to feel like a starnger in a strange land for those of us just getting started in blogging and social media. I look forward to following your blog and learning your valuable skills and tips.

    Your blog is very well structured and the content is priceless.

    Thanks for sharing.


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