3 Reasons Why Blogging isnt for You

Lets face it everyone has a blog today. There’s mom blogs, sports blogs, tech blogs, food blogs, finance blogs and more! If you’ve got a voice, no matter your age, you could be writing and producing your own personal or company blog! The blog Hearld stated back in February that there is well over 100 million blogs worldwide. With the growth of social media is there any reason why you shouldn’t jump on the blogging bandwagon?

1) Blogging Requires Constant Attention and Dedication

It is amazing how many companies and individuals get into the blog-o-sphere with initial vigor and excitement which eventually leads to forgetfulness and a waste of a domain. Here is an example of a social media company who put writing new content on the back burner. They’re not the only ones. In fact there are thousands of blogs that haven’t been updated in years! Your readers will be as dedicated as you are to posting. Fresh relevant content, like the kind provided by Fresh Content.net, is a must if you wish to sustain any kind of consistent readership. Can’t write a post everyday? Don’t worry, but be sure to set proper expectations. If you go on a spree of new blog posts everyday you better be prepared to sustain it. If you fall off and start writing once a week you’ll begin to see your readership lose interest and stop visiting everyday. If you’re struggling finding ideas you can try sites for blogging inspiration.

2) You Don’t Have Anything to Say

It is amazing how many people start writing a blog and find they don’t’ know what to say. Caroline Middlebrook wrote a post about 11 pointless blog posts that really makes a lot of sense. With each and every post you write you need to think of your audience, “What benefit will my readers get from reading this post?” Granted there are all different kinds of blogs with all different perspectives and reasons for blogging, but most beginning bloggers tend to ramble. They have no point of view and also violate reason number one by posting once every quarter century. They are simply cluttering our Internet because they have not planned out how they want to run their blog. If you need some direction I would suggest checking out Problogger.net and their post on Beginning Blogger Tips. Blogging is about a passion for a specific subject. I love social media marketing strategy and online search marketing strategy. I gain inspiration from my everyday work at EngineWorks which inspires me to write about my findings. Find your passion, find your voice, and plan out your blogging structure to retain those readers.

3) Everyone Has a Blog

You’ve heard about this term blog or your buddy has one. All the more reason you should get one too, right? Wrong. There is some things to keep in mind that may sway your mind that hasn’t already been mentioned. Everything you say can and will be recorded. Just because you live in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean people will not find your blog or find out who you are. Another thing to keep in mind is if everyone has a blog how do you plan to stick out? Take a look at some of the most popular bloggers online to date. Each one has a focused point of view and each one posts daily. Gaining readership and traffic is all about separating yourself from the pack.

Have any other reasons someone shouldn’t blog? Feel free to make a comment and I’ll post them in an update later on in the month.

16 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Blogging isnt for You

  1. I agree with a lot of things you’ve said, thanks for visiting my site and it’s good to know that it inspired you write this post.. for me though, blogging is a journey, if you read my latest post you will learn that you need to be aware of your markets & audience, and if the formulae does n’t fit try something else, which is exactly why I have started a new site in a completely different niche market.

  2. There are many reasons why not to get into blogging. Primary is that you don’t understand how it works, nor how to work it.

    For example, spelling counts. So does grammar. In other words, if you just have something to say and you aren’t interested in anyone reading it, or really taking you seriously, then never edit. However, if you really want to get into blogging seriously, EDIT EDIT EDIT, so your words speak well for you and your thoughts.

    If you want to get into blogging as a business, which it appears you are as you endeavor to set an example for others with this blog, there is a lot to learn, including Don’t Guest Blog Until You Have Content. :D

    Good luck with your blogging experiences. It’s an exciting field and there is a lot to learn along the way.

  3. That’s an interesting perspective, but I think it only covers half of the reasons of why people choose not to blog.

    One of the biggest excuses I get from people around me who are still resistant to the idea of blogging is:

    >>> My friends aren’t blogging. <<<

    Not blogging can sometimes be a cultural/belief thing. people don’t do it because their communities don’t do it, their families don’t do it, their friends don’t do it, or their culture does not encourage it.

    I have a social media blog too at http://lexleong.blogspot.com

  4. Blogging does requires constant attention and dedication,
    I stopped blogging for a week or so because my Mom is sick and I dropped in subscribers and rankings, But hey things happen.
    But I am not giving up!

  5. Indeed a very nice perspective! I guess I should agree on your point.. There are a lot of blogs that exist nowadays but then it seem to have no sense at all.. So to start blogging, better to aware of the things that a blogger should require so it wouldn’t be too hard.. Well, I am quite new in blogging but I am finding my way to be do this right.. Constant dedication is really the key!

  6. Some interesting points of view. Can’t say I agree with them all but your post certainly provokes a lot of thought for anyone considering starting a blog. I suppose the main consideration is what you want to use the blog for. Good to get an alternative perspective on the subject anyway.

  7. While I would agree in part, there might be reasons to not blog. For a business, which is who I work with the most, I don’t buy most of the so called reasons. They are usually just making excuses.

    For a business, there is plenty to say to your target audience. If anything, you can tell your potential customers about your products. The best thing you can do as a business is to just carry on a conversation with your readers. Build a relationship with them and a trust. Saying you have nothing is a poor excuse for a business not to blog.

    Yes, there are over 100 million blogs out there. But, seriously, how many of them are truly active. Again, for a business, if everyone has one, you better have one too. If you don’t you are going to be left behind. And there is always room for another good one. There may be 100 million blogs. But, how many truly good ones are there?

    Finally, blogging does take a commitment if you want to do it right. But for a business, especially a small business, anything you do which you do right is going to take time. Your marketing efforts require your time and effort for it to be effective. And blogging for a business is one of the best and most cost effective marketing efforts they can do.

    Good post and a great start to the conversation on whether someone should blog or not.

  8. Per your tweet request – an explanation of my 7:11 pm comment:

    The proliferation of social media is fueled by the individual’s desire to express his/her thoughts, opinions, and ideas. This is commonly called a person’s voice.

    Perhaps, the better phrasing of my comment is that the most fundamental reason a person shouldn’t blog is because “they don’t think they have a voice that needs to be shared with the world”. A person might think that for a myriad of reasons, which I won’t speculate on here.

    I also realize now that my earlier comment might have interpreted as if I were pointing my reason at you. That is not the case. You’ve laid out an interesting idea worth discussing.

    Hope that helps explain my thoughts more clearly.


  9. Thanks for the invitation in Twitter. I agree with your grieves. But, I am against all of them.

    1) Blogging Requires Constant Attention and Dedication

    To me blogging is a media of gaining content leadership or authority. And by doing so, you also gain reputation. Like any other leadership campaigns, you can’t ignore attention and dedication. This the differentiation between bloggers and spolggers.

    2) You Don’t Have Anything to Say

    You don’t have to make up any content for blogs. Just be a social community person. If you can establish your self as some sort of a thought leader, then people will come to you for critical situations and you will always have something to write about. I previously used to help people emailing article like mails on internet marketing when they asked me for some help. You probably know that it is a wasted effort, when you can blog it. That’s why I was motivated to start the “Marketing Gossip” blog. It’s a community and communication based blog and I get all the content ideas from people around me in social media.

    3) Everyone Has a Blog

    Every splogger can be a blogger, but not all bloggers are sploggers. Be yourself and always blog for a cause. Your personality will differentiate you from others.

  10. These things apply if you consider earning through it. Well most of the people do take blogging as means of earning, the whole concept of writing a journal is long gone, although people who do write personal e-diaries on blogs certainly have done well. i did start personal blog without any ads or anything at all, and it was a success I mean people started coming but than the i started thinking “where lies the fine line that divides my personal life with public?” and so i had to delete it.

    Too much of a competition is there, i mean, its a whole new race of bloggers trying to do anything they can to earn bucks. and ya its way too hectic to manage one.

  11. Some great ideas in here. Sadly it’s true, there are many people who just don’t have anything to say. They try and start a blog with no new content. Originality is a key to success in the blogging world. People need to figure out a niche that isn’t already congested before they start up.

  12. Jesse

    Sorry, I know I’m late on this one but believe it or not, I just saw your message on BlogCatalog. :)

    First, you’re right about the tons of folks blogging. But if people learn to effectively communicate their views and allow who they are to flow through their writing, watch out! Because no one else is you, own your style. Discover creative and simple ways to improve your writing. Just because you lack doesn’t mean you should just quit and not strive for excellence.

    How many of those blogs do people keep up with? Like you noted, people struggle to remain consistent. Also, there are plenty of gaps to be filled in the blogosphere. As well as sub-niches waiting for someone to take command of. Thanks for sharing, worthy points mentioned by both you and your readers. Cheers,


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