Meta Keywords The Last Chapter

Over the past week I’ve gone through the process of 4 steps to guaranteeing yourself higher search engine rankings and today is the final step in that process. We started with keyword research, title tags, and meta description. Today we will go over the last piece of the puzzle, meta keywords.

While meta keywords by themselves, without implementing the previous techniques I discussing, will not improve your rankings by providing meta keywords in conjunction with title tags and a meta description will give your site completeness in the eyes of the search engine crawlers. These keywords should represent the keywords you are using in the content for the page, title tags, and meta description.

Meta keywords, like the title tags and meta description, is located in the head section of your page source. The tag <meta name=”keywords” content =”” /> will contain your keywords pertaining to the current page. In between the “” of the content = portion is where your text will go. The meta keywords will help identify what the page is about.

While time is of the essence in the business world performing online search marketing requires patience. By implementing the tehcniques I have discussed over the past week you will see results, but it will take some time. So sit back relax and what your site traffic grow.

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