Title Tags Done Right

As we learned in yesterday’s post on keyword research the basis of everything we do is around these keywords. With these keywords we will examine step number two to guarantee you a higher search engine ranking position, Title tags.

Your title tag is the first piece of code the Google bot, or web crawler, will examine and see. As a result this is one, if not the, most important things you could possibly do in your online search engine optimization strategy. Combine your keyword research together with the creation or your title tags and you have a gold mine just waiting to be crawled.

For those that are unfamiliar with what and where title tags are I’ll take a few lines to explain. In the source code title tags are place between <title></title>. These are displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen right next to your web browsers icon. You’ll notice that my title tag for this page is: OnlIne Search Marketing Strategy | Title Tags | Jesse Liebman . Off page this is displayed in the search engines. When you perform a Google search, or using any other search engine, the title tag is the blue underline text aka the hyperlink.

Title tags are all about connecting your keyword research with the content of the page. The title tag says, “This page is about x.” Before creating your title tags please take the time to understand and layout your information architecture (IA). Understanding the flow and layout of your site will enable you to use the correct keywords for main and sub-pages.

The trick with title tags is you want to use as many keywords as you can in a logical and grammatically efficient manner while keeping it around a 70 character maximum. Putting in more characters will give you a … indicating there is more words, but will not show up in the search engines. Think about it. If you do a Google search and you see a result that says, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | SEO Strategy | Portland Oregon SEO.” You’re probably not going to click on it because it sounds spammy and may not actually give you a strategy on seo which is what you’re really looking for. If you used something more like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy | Portland Oregon you have just covered all of your bases and hit that gold mine. You have covered a total of 16 different keywords!

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It’s obvious you can see the benefit in using groups and variations of these keywords within one title tag. Of course you want to base which keywords you use on the data you’ve collected. You also always want to make sure that if you, the searcher, were to click on your link does the title tag describe what that page is about?

If you can answer this question you’ll be all set and ready to move onto our meta description.

2 thoughts on “Title Tags Done Right

  1. Title tag is really important on ranking high on search engines.. I read somewhere on the internet about it so I try to fix my meta tags.. Thanks for sharing this one! I have new learning for today..

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