Meta Description Key to Your Overall Search Rankings

As stated yesterday, the title tags are the most important part our the 4 steps to guaranteeing yourself higher search engine rankings and improving your overall online search marketing strategy. The second step to ensuring higher rankings is the meta description. This will solidify and enhance the title tags you learned how to properly create yesterday.

With the use of your keyword research you’ll create a keyword rich description of your sites individual pages. Ultimately the combination of your title tags and meta description will explain in detail what each page is about to the search engines. Which can only mean one thing, more qualified traffic.

Meta description, like title tags, is located in the head section of your page source. The tag <meta name=”description” content =”” /> is what will be implemented and contain your meta description. In between the “” of the content = portion is where your text will go. The meta description will then show up in the search engines directly below the title / hyperlink. This will further explain what the page / site is about.

Meta descriptions are very similar in philosophy to title tags in that you want to grammatically place as many keyword variations as possible into itThe difference between the two is the meta description gives you approximately 120 characters to write and it should be using complete sentences.

Typically you can fit in at least two to three different keywords and still make it sound reasonably grammatically sounding. I seems easy at first, “how hard could it be to write something in 120 characters with a few keywords?” Then when you finally sit down and realize the combination of the keywords you want to use wont fit you have to get creative. Make everything fit, read smoothly, and describe the current page is a daunting task in under 120 characters, and yes spaces or symbols count.

If you can accomplish this you’re ready for the final step, meta keywords.

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