Same Great Content New Improved Look

You may have noticed the lack of posts the past two days. I decided in the interest of my readers to provide you with a much cleaner and more interactive layout. While there are still some tweaks to be made I think you’ll like what you see.

With every change there is logic behind it. Usability factors were the reasons to make a change in my online search marketing strategy for this blog. Lets examine some does and don’t of your site usability.

As any online search marketing expert would tell you content and correct tags are great for your rankings, but what’s going to help drive you traffic? You may be an expert or have the greatest idea since sliced bread, but if no one reads about it your message is lost. A great indicator of how well your site is doing is bounce rate.

Bounce rate tells you the percentage of visitors who visited one and only one page on your site. While there are many factors that play into website usability bounce rate is one of them. Think about it, if you have a clear, easy to read, well structured site, your visitors are more likely to stay and read that great content you’ve prepared for them.

Searchers demand finding the information they need when they want it. If it takes visitors one minute to find my article on short URL’s, but only 30 seconds to back out to the search engines and go to the next site on the list why wouldn’t you leave?

As an example lets use the Morley Studios website. When looking at their homepage you’ll notice they have one and only one page for you to access. As a business, are you satisfied with information from this one page to make a business decision on them? Probably not. I want to learn more about their services, the work they’ve provided for their clientèle, and their team.

After doing some investigative searching I did find another page under the Morley Studios URL. In fact I found some samples of their work. This, arguably one of the most important subpage on their site, is not accessible from their homepage at all! It would be interesting to see what the homepage’s bounce rate is and how that is affecting their business.

I by no means am a website usability expert, but from a searchers perspective I can tell what looks and doesn’t look right. If you’d like more information on how to make your site look great I suggest checking out the usereffect blog.

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