Warning Do Not Drink Hexday

In a time when economic turmoil is upon us, stress levels are at an all-time high, and holiday shopping choas has erupted sometimes we all just need to take a deep breath and relax. Release your fears and let your creativity flow. Look back to your childhood when everything was simple and there wasn’t a need for explanation. You did things because it brought a smile to your face. The pure joy of those activities.

Hexday will bring back those childhood members and release your inner anguish.

Lets get one thing straight right off the bat; Hexday should not be used for your social media strategy. Like most of JP Sykes sites they are only slightly useful. Yet his ideas are simple enough you could teach and show grandma how to use it.

Hexday is a social media tool based on a simple idea: sign up and once a day pick a color.

Use whatever kind of existential motives you want because you wont be getting any ideas how to incorporate this into your new killer social media strategy. Needless to say there are 16,777,216 possible colors you could choose from. You can see what other users choose along with how many times certain colors were chosen by the social network.

Believe it or not Hexday turned 1 years old November 6th. Don’t expect this site to be the next king of social media, but do take the time out of your busy holiday season to relish the joys of yesteryears with Hexday.

I give Hexday a:

One thought on “Warning Do Not Drink Hexday

  1. This IS awesome! How do you find these things…? I feel like I spend hours online, but I never find cool websites like this on my own.

    PS. I like your new “look”! :]

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