Diigo Has Dug Itself A Unmanagable Hole

I have always been a fan of good design and simplicity. Just because one social media tool is great, and has millions of users, does not mean by combining the technologies of social media tools everyone will flock to you.

Diigo has combined the tools of a social network and social bookmarking service. Myspace and Facebook, according to Top Ten Reviews , are the top two social media networking sites while eBizMBA lists Digg and Yahoo Buzz as the top social media bookmarking sites.

What separates potential from success is a solid idea with a clear and focused initiative. I’m not sure that Diigo has that.

As a student at Portland State University I have reports, projects, and research that I must complete all the time. Diigo says they are two services in one that would appeal to me as a student.

Diigo is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing community and social content site on the other.

Diigo, like I reported on the social media tool Delicious yesterday, implements a social bookmarking system where you can store your favorite sites and tag them. In fact they actually give you the option to import your bookmarks from other sites into their system. What is different about Diigo is the ability to use annotations. Diigo also gives you enhanced link rolls that allows you to display your annotations on a website.

The social media networking part of Diigo allows you to join groups, site communities, tag communities. and meet featured people. Diigo has a section they call hot bookmarks, but I don’t know what the criteria is to be a “hot bookmark”. My guess is it is similar to Yahoo Buzz or Google Trends.

Maybe I’m the wrong demographic and Diigo is targeting research specialists, teachers, lawyers, and historians with their tool. I would be interested to get the opinions of those people on this product. For now though I’ll continue to use my Delicious account for social media bookmarking and my Facebook or LinkedIn account for social media networking.

I give Diigo a:

One thought on “Diigo Has Dug Itself A Unmanagable Hole

  1. Hi Jesse, Diigo has been my favorite for some time. One of my friends had suggested about Diigo quite a few time ago and I started using it for bookmarking purposes. Right now, I am feeling distracted from it somewhat. The design is non-sticky!! Liked your post.

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