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Delicious is the 4th largest social bookmarking service with an average of 1.3 million visitors per month. So like any social media tool where does this fit into your social media strategy and more importantly your online marketing campaign? Delicious is a way to show your readers, customers, family, and friends what sites and articles you enjoy or find important.

Delicious is a way to save your bookmarks and a method to display the sources you and company trusts for information. Now lets go over some examples so you can successfully be a social media bookmarking wiz.

If you’ve ever used Flickr before you’ll be familiar with the tagging concept Delicious uses. Tagging is the method you organize and categorize your bookmarks so you and your visitors can find the sources they want with ease. While I was researching for examples of corporate social media I came across a Mashable article. I tagged it giving it the tags, “social media” “web2.0″ and “marketing”. Delicious will store my link and tags for me so when I need information on social media all I have to do is look under my tag social media and I will find all of my saved articles.

Another great feature of Delicious is the fact that I can look and see the social media bookmarks my friends, family, and coworkers have as well. I can go to my social media network page and see what everyone else has saved and tagged. Now I know that Kent Schnepp, the VP of Strategy at EngineWorks, is really into website usability so I go check out his social media bookmarks to see what he has. I see he has a bookmark for an article on optimizing URL structure and I also see he’s got the Mark James playground saved as well. I can leverage my network, connect with other users, and find social bookmarks on similar subjects. I can search for specific tags like social media and what other users have tagged for this subject.

The last piece of the puzzle is connecting with and finding other users who you don’t know and using their resources. If I go to the social media bookmark for SEMpdx I can see all the other users that have bookmarked this site. It tells me the tags and description they used and also allows me to see what other sites they have bookmarked. User BarrettDowell has a ton of great articles he’s bookmarked and by choosing to put him in my network I can now see his social media bookmarks easily by going to my network page.

Whether your a student, business owner, blogger, or Internet expert you now have a source to save all those valuable articles you wish you didn’t forget to read. Now with the click of a button you can view them from any computer across the world. Your web browser’s bookmarks are out dated. Welcome the the 21st century and the era of social media bookmarking.

I give Delicious a:

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  1. Hey Jess, good write up! I’ve been link building for many years now and even though they’re nofollow now I’m always still gearing towards they’re still passing ink juice do to them being so authoritative.

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