Colorlovers The Social Media Site for Designers

COLOURlovers is an artists sanctuary and a developers dream. No where I have seen a social media network catered to artists that allows for such collaboration. Design firms beware, you’re just may have gotten more difficult.

I will not declare myself a designer nor an artist, but I can appreciate others work and find ways to use it. COLOURlovers allows “newbies” such as myself to find that perfect color, or quirky palate, or design inspiration that I can take and use for my own sites development. In short, this social media site makes web designers and creative jobs much, much easier.

COLOURlovers allows you to view and download others work which includes custom made colors, custom made color palates, and custom made patterns.

Dichrometica resents a color palate that was formed using other designers work. Colors such as Dutch Teal are used when other designers create palates or patterns. Waves of Sorrow is the most complex form of design on the site and represents the use of a color and color palate to come up with the design. All colors, color palates, and color patterns are available to share and download for your own personal use.

So where is the love? This is the rating system where artist vote on the work of the other designers. On a rating of one to five, in increments of .5, artists can rate how much they “love” the work. You can chat, favorite, subscribe, and your work with your “lovers”. You can also join groups of similar tastes and begin spreading your love to them.

My favorite portion of the site is the trends page. Current magazine covers and website homepages are shown here with the colors and color palates used to achieve the look.

Forums are available for those who are stuck on a late night project and of course they have a blog with killer material like this piece on the Art of Mehndi.

While I was signing up I thought, oh this is just another social media tool, but the folks at COLOURlovers really have a well designed and thought out product. If you’re an artist I highly recommend you check this out as I believe it will change your life. Those of us that are less creative, but are looking for ways to update our CSS pages now have a source for our colors and patterns.

I give COLOURlovers a:

One thought on “Colorlovers The Social Media Site for Designers

  1. Jessie,

    Awhile back you posted this comment on Twitter “Wondering if there are any webinars on SEM, SEO, SMM, Internet Marketing that don’t involve a pitch about a piece of crap service or tool?” I follow you, but you are not following me so I couldn’t contact you with this info… but now that I have found your site, I’m going to answer your question. Yes, there is and it is all here at this site This site is 100% free, so you have nothing to lose! Why don’t you check it out?

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