Are You A Social Media Know It All?

When someone states they’re a Social Media & Online Search Marketing know it all you’re required to be an expert in your field. Webster’s dictionary defines an expert as:

Having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience.

Together, over the next few weeks, you’ll become a social media expert by virtue of my experiences.

I was reading an old article by Scott Fish about protecting your personal brand. In the article it discussed using the site called

I decided for the sake of my readers and my own personal experience I would sign up for all 68 services they offered. While I was first learning about online search marketing Dylan Boyd, of EROI and author of the blog The E-Mail Wars, said, “you should know, understand, and use every web 2.0 tool out on the market.”

Through my discovery yesterday on which social media tools matter, I determined knowing every Web 2.0 tool would probably take a lifetime. In spirit of what my mother has always said, “Jesse you’re either an all or nothing guy,” I’m going to tackle as many social media tools as I can before I puke.

After about 2 hours of filling out sign up forms, I should have used auto fill forms add-on, I had about 3/4 of the 68 social media sites filled out and live. I would say you should connect with me on each and every tool, but then what would be the point of reading this blog each and everyday?

Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking an in depth look the benefits and overall user experience of each tool that offers a sign up for. In the end, you will have my personal recommendation along with a poll taken by my readers conducted on each tool that is reviewed.

Tomorrow I’ll start with the social media tool: COLOURlovers

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