Social Media Which Services Matter?

Brian Chappell discussed today the growing problem with Online Search Marketing experts. Brain stated that everyone believes they’re a Social Media expert. Creating a Facebook page or using Twitter incessantly is not going to single handedly better your business or personal exposure. Education and using best practices, to ensure the techniques and services you are using are useful, are the keys to harnessing the power that Social Media has.

The search engine market share numbers are skewed as are the social media application market share numbers. With so many different Web 2.0 tools out there what services should you be using?

I’ve focused my personal efforts around Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Delicious.

Facebook is a personal social network that has targeted my particular demographic. Facebook was born while I was a senior in high school. As a result I’ve been connected and had a profile since it’s inception. I use it more to connect with friends from high school. It has replaced as a way to keep up with your graduating class. Facebook has recently become a marketing tool for businesses as shown perfectly by EngineWorks.

LinkedIn is also a personal social network, but it is more concentrated on making business contacts. I’ve used LinkedIn as a way to create a business network of contacts that I respect and trust. I can go to them for advice, knowledge, or potentially assistance in obtaining a job. I’ve recommended to my friends and family they create an account because LinkedIn is quickly becoming the Rolodex of tomorrow.

Twitter is a microblog with the central theme telling your community what you are doing. As I described, Twitter has become a social media phenomenon and people are realizing the power is truly has. Connecting with industry experts allows you to stay on top of trends.

Delicious is a social bookmarking service that displays what sites and pages you find important. Like all of these social media tools Delicious is meant to be shared. Delicious allows you to join networks of like minded people so you can view what sites they find important. The popularity of Delicious is not the same as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Delicious but it is yet another tool at your disposal.

Maybe you believe Digg or YouTube should be on this list or there’s another tool that I have completely overlooked. Tell me what you think and in the mean time you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Delicious.

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