Twitter – The Social Media Phenomenon

Everyone has a niche, mine just happens to be Social Media and Link Building. At EngineWorks, a Portland Search Engine Marketing Company, each employee, including myself, has a particular niche they’re an “expert” at. Daniela Arugjo is the acclaimed content queen of Paid Search Marketing, Lisa Peyton beats the same pulse as the Paid Search team at Google, Kent Schnepp is the strategist extraordinaire, Tyson Braun is the copy writing apprentice to Sean McMahon, and Scott Fish knows everything about Search Engine Marketing.

So what can I supply a team and organization of this power? The knowledge and understanding of tools half the nation is unaware of: Social Media.

Robert Scoble describes each avenue of social media in an great social media diagram. Today I’m going to discuss the tool I held off on trying for months and months: Twitter.

Like many, I could not comprehend why I would possibly want to update someone constantly on what I’m doing. This of course was only the tip of the iceberg. Twitter was created to be a discussion forum where the exchanging of ideas with anyone in the world was at the touch of the keyword. If I’m curious about what social media tools someone in Tibet is using I can put out a message asking the world. While many use Twitter as a form of promotion for either their business or service I’ve would it to be a tremendous learning tool.

So check it out, give it a try, you might be surprised who you meet and what you learn. When you connect look up Jesse Liebman. I’ll be waiting for your tweet.

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